View Full Version : need help with gear choices

04-26-2011, 05:10 PM
-----I'm a F2P solo guy favor farming with an eleven ranger6/fighter4/rogue2...arcane archer. I was planning on taking it all the way to 20th lvl ending up a kensai2/AA(fighter12/ranger6/rogue2).

-----It's been going ok, but now that I'm hitting lvl 10-12 quests, I'm beginning to worry about my gear and spending a lot of "hard to come by coin" trying to figure it all out.

-----I keep seeing that most guys consider AC relatively worthless. With +4 mithral, +4 cloak of prot, AC is 30, add a barkskin pot, defensive stance and a shield spell, my fully buffed AC gets to AC 38(he still gets hit, of course). I don't know how much longer that number will be meaningfull, so I invested in a robe of heavy fort and a +4 constitution item to bump up my HP's in case that time comes sooner rather than later. This toon is dragonmarked and I love how displacement can save him in tight situations but unfortunately, he won't be able to extend that spell until lvl14 I think, when the feat becomes available.

-----I would like to know, should I save my coin and abandon the AC chase this early? With decent weapons being so expensive(killing them B4 they kill me thing is the plan if I can ever afford it), should the focus eventually be on saves and DR? Or, is AC 30-38 actually meaningfull through mid levels?

04-26-2011, 11:20 PM
I think the benchmark for AC in Gianthold (p2p content) is around high 40's to low 50's...without sacrificing too much in other areas. If AC is still doing anything for you at this level, keep it until you start getting hit a lot more and switch your focus to DPS and HP. Take that as you will.

04-27-2011, 08:38 AM
Should still be useful in 10-13 quests, but after that if you can't get higher it may be time to give up.
Anyway, like awang20 said, it's easy to see when you start getting hit a lot ;)