View Full Version : Yet another suggestion for FireWalls

04-26-2011, 04:06 AM
1st, i have to say i surely does not consider myself as an elite player. I have been there at the release but EQ2 grabbed me and i quit just after my first drow was authorized to enter Stormreach by the Harbor authorities.
I came back years after and i am currently leading a static "casual-core" group for 2 years now.

We all have a strong experience in PnP RPG and love DDO for many reasons (including some kind of nostalgy ;)). Among them, there is one singularity compared to other MMOs : the mobs behaviors.

Focusing on what we consider as a major good point of this gameplay, here is my suggestion :

Firewall should primarily be a defensive spell. Putting a wall of fire is a way to secure a flank or to support troups in a choke point, giving them a way to retreat without being pursued by enemies.

I felt a bit disturbed when i first saw FW + Running around tactics used by arcanists. I surely can accept this from charismatic sorceress, but true magicians are too intelligent to focus all their art into one unique spell. What is the point to have written down so many spells if it is to rely on one of them (and few defensive ones to run freely into the shadow and flames).

I do think mobs should flee from wall of fire, depending on their intellects. It does not shock me that stupid skeletons archers burns to ashes without even understanding what is killing them. But free INT creatures should retreat when a significant loss of health has been sustained.

In a way, that would be a nerf : if you don't maintain these creatures into the flame, by any appropriate means, they shall flee from the wall.

Aggro concept is quite efficent to manage mobs' decisions but no matter how strong is the hate you feel, you probably wont suicide yourself running uselessly after someone in a forge fire...

I will always plead for DDO originality : alternate paths, other way of thinking that pure dps.

I certainly know that "a good output rules 99% of situations". This is true in many raids, in many worlds i involved in.
But please consider us as enjoying playing twice a week with some group coordination. A fighter that trips/stuns monsters into the AoE spells casted, or a priest that would prefer to blind opponents that to blade them, because of the Rogue, or the Energy Drain casted by the sorceress when the Hold is casted by the wiz. Melees finishing the job.

Because our game experience is essentially cooperative, and not competitive, we do wait for U9 (that our arcanists considers as "full of changes" like the mythic EQ2 LU13). Some things will change. Some will be abandonned. And we will find new ways to adapt. My point is certainly not to ask for a "stase" or to deny devs their duty to make this game constantly renewed.

Still, in some cases, instead of thinking about numbers, thinking in terms of immersion, or, i hesitate to say roleplaying, might be a good idea. Even if i am fully aware of the "Roll" Playing Games tendancy that pushes us all towards farm, grind and competition...