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04-15-2011, 09:12 PM
got an idea wehn doing some activity today, here' s my ideas. please comment.

Wild Mage I

4 enhancement points
Requirements: Mental toughness, intelligence 1, energy of the scolar 2.

You have become a follower of wild magic. the universe is now uncertain to where you belong, you gain a +2 umd bonus. Due to new pathways in your brain opening, you gain 10 sp. also, due to the fact yoru brain has become less logical, you have gained impunity to all charm. in addition, you gain access to the ability "lesser wild burst"
Lesser wild burst

costs 10 sp.

you evoke the magical powers of lesser magical energy within you, and cast a random spell from your spell level 1-3 currently inscribed scrolls. these spells, are randomly cast upon the target, and a 4 foot radius. self only spells can be selected by this spell, but the effect is random, beware of hitting your team mates with dangerous spells!

Wild mage II

4 enhancement points

requirements: wild mage I energy of the scolar 3, intelegence 2, improved concentration 2.

you continue your studies of chaos and anarchy. you gain an additonal +2 umd (bringing the current total to +4) due to the universe becoming even more unsure of what to do with you, also, you gain 20 additonal sp (bringing the total to +30) due to the fact your seldom used parts of your brain are now brimming with energy. your mind is now almost impossible to navigate by others than you, giving you immunity to influences (think command/pws) you gain access to wild burst.

Wild burst

costs 20 sp

see lesser wild burst, except with spell levels 4-6.

Wild mage III

2 enhancement points
requires: intelegence 3, improved mental toughness, energy of the scoloar 3

you have become a disiple of chaotic magic. you have convinced the universe that you are something that you are not, and gain an additional +2 umd. your mind is now full of chaos, and you now are completely immune to all mind effecting abilities. You have learned to pull energy from places that few would even think about, and gain an additional 40 sp. you gain access to greater wild burst.

Greater wild burst

costs 40 sp

think wild burst, but spell levels 7-9.

04-15-2011, 11:30 PM
Quite interesting. While Wild burst 1 is balanced, 2 and 3 seem a bit OP. Perhaps WB2= L4&5, WB3= 6&7?

Also, I don't like the UMD bonus. It seems too overpowered (but correct me if I'm wrong). Perhaps a Concentration bonus that stacks with other enhancements, but that seems out-of-line with the theme in one way and perfect in another. I like the bonus SP from it, and think the WB is neat. Perhaps have it random occurrances instead of when you want it?

04-15-2011, 11:47 PM
Quite interesting. While Wild burst 1 is balanced, 2 and 3 seem a bit OP. Perhaps WB2= L4&5, WB3= 6&7?

Also, I don't like the UMD bonus. It seems too overpowered (but correct me if I'm wrong). Perhaps a Concentration bonus that stacks with other enhancements, but that seems out-of-line with the theme in one way and perfect in another. I like the bonus SP from it, and think the WB is neat. Perhaps have it random occurrances instead of when you want it?

actually, i think it would randomly proc for the tod set!

and in regards to the wild burst 2 and 3, it procs on your party too, ie, some guy without death block rolls wail. goodbye him. it is individually rolled for each opponent, so it may end up buffing it insteead.

04-15-2011, 11:56 PM
So long as I have a chance to turn into a crate like I was promised, i don't care what they do.

04-16-2011, 07:25 AM
In my view the entire capability of the wild mage should be based on the unpredictable. Having a few random casting SLAs is not representative of that fact. To be truly unpredictable, the "wildness" needs to be integral to the entire spell system. Now this can get as complicated as you want it, but here's a couple of simpler ideas.

1. Have each spell linked to a lower lvl spell and a higher lvl spell. When you cast a spell you have a chance of the lower or higher lvl version going off instead. So as an example casting a lightning bolt could result in a shocking grasp or ball lightning.

2. Something we already have in place is CL and CL penalties and bonuses. You could utilize this like the previous suggestion, but instead of a different spell you have a chance of casting a lower or higher level caster level of a spell. So you could cast a level 2 haste as a level 20 caster or you could cast a level 19 DBF as a level 12 caster or some such.

04-16-2011, 08:23 AM
Another good piece of wild mage that has been left out of this discussion is their ability to deflect spells cast at them. And also as a wild mage, every time you cast a spell it is random on what caster level you cast it as. Usually a potential of casting 2 levels below your current caster level to 3 levels above your current caster level. This is determined every time you cast any arcane spell. At the same time this roll to determine caster level also would determine whether or not there is a wild magic surge that either accompanies or replaces the spell.

12-03-2012, 07:08 PM
Wild mage I:
Feats:mental toguhess
Enhancements: energy of the scholar I, wizard Int. I
Grants a stacking +1 bonus to UMD, Concentration, and tumble. in addition, your mind expands, granting an additional 50 SP. when you cast a spell, you have a chance to cast a random spell(1% chance) that will stun your targets for 6 seconds, save=10+20+UMD-wizard level1/2.
Wild Mage II:
Enhancements energy of the scholar II, wizard Int. II
Additionial +1 to UMD, concentration, and tumble. when you cast a spell, target will become fatigued in addition to stunned(10% chance for stun and fatigue). when you cast a spell, there is a chance you will leap backwards, as if you had tumbled with a 50 bonus. +50 SP as your mind becomes chaotic and expands more, +5 passive dodge.
Wild Mage III:
Feats: mobility
Enhancements:imp. tumbling III, energy of the scholar III
Additional +1 to UMD, concentration, and tumble. when you cast a spell, 10% chance to trigger a mind blast that will make your spell explode, triggering an effect that deals 60d60 base damage + 3d12 per caster level of disintergration damage. +100 SP. chance to stun/fatigue, but not mind burst, is increased to 25%. grants mobile spellcasting feat and quicken, but costs 10 more sp.(activatible). you can now tumble thorugh the tears in time, teleporting out of realitiy(invisibilty unbreakable for 60 seconds). Grants the usable ability, Improved uncanny dodge, and grants an additional passive 10% dodge.
Quicken spell
Mobile spellcasting
Time tumbling: the ability to turn invisible for 60 seconds that cannot be broken. last until use of tumble, cooldown 3min. costs 60 SP and slows your movement afterwards by 75% for 6 seconds. stuns targets for 3 seconds after tumbling, allwowing a quick escape.(no save on stun)

So basically, a wild mage would be an insane one, a very smart one though. leaping from one point in the groudn to another and teleporting whenever seems suitable fora crazy mage.

12-03-2012, 07:55 PM
Look at Shiradi Champion -> Prism -> Rainbow -> Double rainbow its a great starting point for wildmage

12-03-2012, 08:31 PM
I like the OPs idea, but I don't think it goes far enough. In addition to what the other posters said, I would suggest adding:

1) Slippery Mind as the feat

2) A "Chaos Guard" stance/proc, in which every time the caster is struck, there is a chance that a proc identical to one of the procs available on items will occur.

3) Some sort of ability that comes with a risk of hurting the caster when used, but also a chance of doing something to enemies. Chaos is chaos, after all :D

12-04-2012, 01:00 AM
I'm not a big fan of not having control over my spells--it just doesn't appeal to me personally, even if the gamble is sometimes (very) advantageous. I prefer consistency.

That said, all the wild magic variants that I've seen are best implemented when the wilder/wild mage attains more and more control over their wild surges, so I'd hope that's how the tiers would work. For example, a tier 1 wild mage may have the whole smorgasbord of Shiradi effects to expect, but a tier 3 wild mage might be able to refine their wild surges to either provide more DPS effects, or magic-deflection effects, etc.

Kormor's set (Tower of Despair wild mage set) seems to indicate that spell penetration will be a feature of wild mages which I hope would make them a good choice for first or second life wizards who lack the past lives and gear to hit spell penetration benchmarks that are easier for veteran characters.

A capstone effect that drastically lowers or ignores spell penetration (of certain monsters, as it wouldn't seem plausible for monsters such as iron golems who should have infinite spell resistance) would be particularly useful, even if it's for a limited time and with a reasonable cooldown.

Posters above have also mentioned the defensive capabilities of the wild mage versus offensive magic, some mechanics of which may have already been established in the Magister destiny (nullmagic effects). It would be nice for wild mages to have a spell shield ability that exists in PnP for all arcanes, i.e. a spell version of the spell absorption we currently only have on items.

Contingencies (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/contingency.htm) might also find a nice home in the wild mage. Though I would prefer all arcanes to have access to it, the creation of druids in DDO has shown that Turbine is willing to restrict certain spells (i.e. earthquake) that should be available to other classes to one class (or in this case a prestige) to maintain its identity. I have a problem with this but if it's the way to introduce a Contingency mechanic to the game, so be it. It would make sense to me that maybe a wild mage, or someone adept at controlling unpredictable circumstances, would also have a natural talent for crafting contingencies whereas a pale master might not.

So there's my prediction for Turbine's implementation: focus on spell pen, recycling of Shiradi mechanics, spell defense. It's anyone's guess how they'll choose to implement.

12-04-2012, 08:24 AM
While initially this sounded like a pretty neat idea, I gave it some thought and changed my mind.

I question how many players would like the class to begin with, with it being so unpredictable. Lets use a real life example:

You're in Devils Assault and attempt to cast Otto's Irresistible Disco Ball (we all know what it is) to control the mob. You instead get Stoneskin, the mob gets out of control and the party faces imminent doom. You try again for Disco Ball and get it but have used up twice the spell points you would have if you had just gotten Disco Ball to begin with.

Personally I like my magic to be a little more........reliable and cost effective.