View Full Version : Tavern Food/Drink

04-09-2011, 11:26 AM
When the game first came out, a wide range of food and drink options at a large price variance made sense. A gold piece was actually a decent amount of money. It was like level 4 before I could scrape up the 900 gold to buy a suit of fullplate from the merchant (having a suit drop was basically unheard of).

But that was then. Now it's basically impossible to leave Korthos without 3-400 PLATINUM. And now we get rested on leaving a dungeon, which wasn't true back then either.

I submit that there is no need for all the low level gimp food (of which there are a LOT) on the bartenders anymore. Get rid of everything priced below 1 platinum. This makes scrolling through the list far less of a headache. If you didn't know, the standard bartender has 28 food/drink options. THIRTEEN of those are under 1 platinum, and are essentially useless once you get to about level 5.

Secondly, please add in an SP drink which restores somewhere in the vicinity of 3000-3500 spellpoints. The current top one at 2500 isn't even enough to fully restore wizards and clerics, to say nothing of sorcs and FvS now that the level cap is 20 and a wide range of previously unavailable SP boosting items are more and more commonplace.