View Full Version : small AC window needed

04-03-2011, 12:38 AM
It would be nice if the AC value could be shown in a small window - seperate from the current location in the inventory window. Why is this needed? Because I am forced to keep the inventory window open to see if I tumbled correctly and kept my increased AC (due to mobility) which stays at the end of the tumble as long as I don't move forward or back. I can rotate left and right to fight - keeping the added AC. But it is tricky not to take a step forward and the increase may not happen as I expect it to. So having a small AC only box would allow me to keep tabs on it without filling my screen with the entire inventory box. Also, a small AC only box would be good to easily keep tabs on the AC while enhancing it with potions or items or wands and to know right away wheither they worked as expected or not.