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04-01-2011, 10:38 PM
My main toon Dreadbringer is a geared out Dex-based AC ranger created 3 months before monks came out. I initially leveled him to lvl 15 as a 12 ranger/3 paladin and waited there until monks came out when I made him a 12 ranger/3 paladin/1 monk. When the cap went to 20 I made him 15 ranger/3 paladin/2 monk. He had UMD around 36, untouchable AC, obscene saves, and decent dps.

Now, I'm considering getting rid of my PRE altogether because I don't believe the Tempest PRE is giving me enough to justify having to invest 4 feats (dodge, mobility, spring attack, and Oversized-TWF. I can self-buff to 80 ac, but epic mobs hit me so often that I find myself relying more on my radiance to blind mobs than my AC to prevent any incoming damage. He's already been lesser reincarnated to 18 ranger/2 monk because I felt that my obscene saves were being wasted since there were never any needs to have my saves that high.

Tempest is giving me:

5 AC (Dodge + 4 shield bonus)
100% off-hand Proc
5% Double Strike

I can realistically drop the 5 points of AC and still not get hit from 99% of the mobs I encounter. The off-hand proc-rate isn't even being helped by tempest III. Lastly, the 5% double strike is a rather measly little bonus for the ONLY tier III PRE that requires an additional feat investment on top of a 3 feat investment just to qualify for tier 1. Tier III isn't working for me and I'm trying to figure out what to do with him.

I've thought of switching him to an AA, but I can't seem to make an AA that I like. I already range with him whenever his Many-shot is off timer and melee the rest of the time, so the gameplay isn't really going to change, but I can't seem to get the feats to work out. Here's my prospective feat layout for an AA build:

1 Weapon Finesse
3 Weapon Focus Ranged
6 Point-Blank Shot
9 IC Ranged
12 IC Pierce
15 Combat Expertise
18 Mental Toughness/Maximize/***
Monk1 Toughness
Monk2 Power Attack

He'd lose 5 points of AC, but would gain the ability to use many-shot and get 500pt shots on top of his Lightning Bow. The alternative would simply be to replace the 3 initial feats with things like: another toughness feat, Skill Focus UMD (no fail heal), and whatever else I feel like. I'm torn because I really like him and I've invested so much time gearing him out over the years that I just don't like having him sit there. He's my 3rd ranger and each one of them is a little different from the other, so I don't want to make him Strength based, which is why I'm so lost at the moment.

So here's the options I'm considering:

-Switch to AA for a slightly different play style, but more ranged DPS-->Sacrifice 5 AC, 5% doublestrike, and 20% off-hand proc rate.

-Drop PRE altogether (gain hps/to-hit/sps/healing/???)

-Change him back to 15 ranger/3 paladin/2 monk (no real gains outside of fear/disease immunity, higher saves, 2x LOH for 78 per, and higher UMD)-->Lose 1pt shield AC, but can wand, 5% doublestrike

-Park his ass until AC is made meaningful, because I can get to ~90 with outside buffs, but it's pointless since nobody's going to wait for me to build aggro on anything, so if I'm not tanking it's almost pointless to have AC. (I find myself in power attack 99.99999....% of the time)

04-01-2011, 10:58 PM
This will be of no help whatsoever, but... um... pew pew pew? :D

04-01-2011, 11:01 PM
You'd have a nice salad. More reason to play broccolis :)

04-02-2011, 12:08 AM
1 Weapon Focus Ranged
3 Point-Blank Shot
6 Mental Toughness
9 IC Ranged
12 Toughness
15 Weapon Specialization Ranged
18 Greater Weapon Specialization Ranged
Monk1 Combat Expertise
Monk2 Power Attack

I'd go this route, considering Maximize isn't doing much for you as far as casting is concerned. You still get your CE, PA and Toughness, but you're going to be able to spend more time at range, due to the increase in damage from the WS and GWS feats.

As squishy as AA's are, it's often better to let the Melee's go in first and hold agro so that by the time you start 'Pew pew pew'-ing the MOB is dead before it can lock onto you. Y