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03-29-2011, 03:40 PM
First of all..I like to say that I like some of the U9 Updates and the games direction from a stale PnP 3.5 to a DnDish game that is not afraid to tweak things to improve the game.

Ive come up with a few idea's that could further improve the game.

In no order of preference (ive just numbered them for ease of reading)

1. Give Improved Shield Bash a Clicky

That Knockback's foes (with a chance to Knockover on a failed fort save {works with your STR Bonus}) - Completely stolen from DragonAge(tm) I loved using this in that game to smash into foe's and knock them back/over. (Kite's will have a better chance of Knocking over)

1b With "Fight on the run" Feat (think that's what it's called) and Improved Shield Bash the clicky becomes..


You lay into a line of mobs (to a maximum of 5 - Improved by STR) in a row Knocking them back/over as you go!

2. Break objects with AOE spells.

This not only have a practical use, but it add's a new dimension to quests with breakable mob summons (This is NOT a nerf this is a game play mechanic that improves the game)

2b The Greatest Dwarven Dragonmark (Bombs) could be changed to..

You set a fire trap that once triggered set's off a Greater Fire Trap (and in addition any nearby box's or barrel's becomes explosive for extra Fire damage)

3. Spell Combo's

I would love to see spell combo's be used to enhance the game... afew suggestions

Tarred! and Feathered!

Grease and Featherfall

"someone up there really hates you..with this combination you become very flammable" minus (20 Fire Resistance) not If your Fire Immune.

"Spitting Feathers"

Feather Fall and Gust of Wind

Gust of wind has an additional "Silence" affect.

...That sort of thing :)

i''l post more when I think of them.

03-31-2011, 11:45 AM
Off Topic.

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