View Full Version : Not Sure the Kinetic Line is Scaling properly

03-26-2011, 09:07 PM
Force Missles (2d3+8) with Force manipultion V (* 1.4) Maximize Spell (*2) and Empower Spell (*1.5) = ~56.5 or a range of 42 to 59. I saw a number of 18's, 22's, 26's.... Not sure how I always get those numbers.

Also Crits are coming in a little low as well.

03-27-2011, 12:45 PM
A lot of people think the multipliers work this way, it makes for a much easier to balance game when not all multipliers are multiplicative, instead additive (also what PnP does)
There is only 2 sets of multipliers to you base damage (although then crit and possibly curse with the new sorcerer)

You get raw spell damage (100% + 50% (potency) +50% enhancements) which equals 200% (or in your case 140)

then meta boost (+100% and +50%) which is +150% (or a 250%)

Base(2) * Meta (2.5) which is 500% of what the spell lists at.

for yours 1.4*2.5 = 350% of listed

then you can add crit (Base 1.5 with major lore would add to 200%) which can double the damage again, if you didn't take crit multiplier enhancements and don't have a kinetic weapon it will only be +50% more (150%)

with just enhancements, meta, and potency mine hit around 50's and crit for like 140's