View Full Version : Loot chat filter, others loot

03-26-2011, 07:40 AM
I don't need to see a text output of others loot, please allow me to turn this off.

I'll expand this. I want to be able to turn off others non-bound loot displays in the chest as well as the text output, ie tradable loot. The bound stuff I would like seperate filter for.

I've already sent loot chat to another chat tab. Sometimes I do want to check whether it was a shrapnel or a chain that I just looted though, so I would like to be able to seperate mine, from thiers, at a minimum.

Ingredients and the various things that go into bags, could be considered a seperate category of important loot, but then I only care about my own, and would like to filter thiers out.

Note: I am not looking to have others not able to see my loot. If they want that spam they are welcome too it. I just don't care to see thier trash loot, or wading through loot spam if I decide to check the tab I use for loot messages.