View Full Version : Minishot: Feat & Level Based Ranged/Thrown Rate Of Fire

03-23-2011, 06:46 PM
*NOTE: I am not proposing a new Feat. This ability would be the natural progression of expertise in the Feats listed below. Manyshot would remain as it is in this scenario and would override "Minishot" until the twenty seconds was up*

Required Feat(s) = Rapid Shot (requires PBS), Rapid Reload (requires a crossbow feat) or Quick Draw (requires +1 BAB)

Levels 1-7 = Every third shot fires/throws two projectiles

Levels 8-14 = Every other shot fires/throws two projectiles

Levels 15-20(+) = Every shot fires/throws two projectiles

This would allow stepped increase of RoF based on experience with the weapon(s) while not needing an animation change and not OPing it at lower levels. This implies a sort of bilocation of returning thrown weapons, but they're magic so what the hey! I'm not sure it would be good on Repeaters though if they ever get fixed right, but I've never played one so maybe someone could chime in about that.