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So a bunch of people were asking about how to do certain raids lately in the marketplace, so i will attempt to write guides for them

Note: these are guides for new players, not vets (vets dont need guides), intended for the first few runs.

Done: abbot 0001,
In progress : shroud 0002
planned: ToD, Shroud, Reaver's Fate

refinements are welcome, i may not be as clear as i could be at times :/

Its the abbot! many fear it, everyone hates leading it! Buuuuut, its actually not too hard if you know what you are doing.

Part 1- the easy part
Part 1 is simple, your party will go in. wait for the entire party before you go more than 1-2 steps beyond the blue bridge, or it will disappear, trapping everyone else outside. Once everyone is in, buffed, just run ahead a bit and the abbot will port down. Beat him down 30% (this is fast and easy)

Part 2- the icky part
When the abbot ports back up to his ugly statue (man he must be a pretty hobo god if he cant afford better workmanship), three Dimensional Door like portals will appear. do not go in unless you are a scout. There are 3 "puzzles" that must be completed, and 2 scouts will go in 2 of the doors to see what puzzles are in there, the third being inferred.

The Goal of all the puzzles is essentially to break 2 sarcophagi (a total of 6 lend immortality to the abbot). The puzzles are as follows

Roids (asteroid shooter)- Simplest puzzle, you will arive on a platform, in the middle of a "sea of stars". there will be 4 asteroids at the corners of the platform (i say corners, but its round, but whatever). Pick one up, equip it, and look out for the asteroids that will come in at you. Party members will stand as if at corners of a square and face each other (do NOT turn around, even if a roid is about to hit you), everyone covers cross person's back. They move slow, and there arent a lot, point and click. Eventually, two sarcophagi appear, throw roids at them, broken.
note this is probably the most common "accidental death" place. After you finish, just let go of the keyboard, if you go back through the portal, youll probably die. if you are a caster, keep a few asteroids equipped, and equip greater potency VI on the offhand.

Ice (death water run)- Technically more complicated then roids, but it wont be if you are assigned to do it, namely, because youll be cheating a bit. Two ways to do this:

The Clerical way- most commonly used one in my experience. Reaaally simple. Cast divine intervention, swim up to sarcophagi, hit sarcophagi, continue swimming, hit second sarcophagi, swim to end, wait there. note if a scout went in with you, divine intervention them first

once you get across, make sure to pick up a wand extra, and put it in your hotbar, or you cant use it

The Dark Monk way- use a ranged weapon for first sarcophagi important, you must use ranged weapons, while standing on solid ground, for the sarcophagi, if you dont, you will die, waterstride across to the end, use a ranged weapon for the second sarcophagi.

Goggles (invisible tile run)-
This is more tricky than the other two, and is usually what wipes the raid if it does. People will be teleported into a chamber, and a large chasm will be before you. note that goggles sends players into opposite sides of this chamber alternatively, so if new players are going in, send two experienced people in first, guaranteeing that they will be on opposite sides. O

what will happen is that people on one side will guide the people on the other side across the invisible (to the running people) tiles, then the reverse. both sides do essentially the same thing, so the following goes for both, note that the first people running across will be looking at ground level, while the second group will look at a walkway just a floor above.

there are two types of tiles, blue (permanent) and grey (which phase to more red until they disappear for a bit, then reappear).the first guides will pick up alpha phase goggles, then check the patterns, and guide you across. They will specify a row (generally the experienced person will tell you where it is), and then how many blues etc. Usually they run with you across invisible tiles. Turn on "t" and look at them, trying to make sure you can run parallel. They will say something like "2, blue" but if this is your first time, you probably wont know how big a tile is. So just go on their swing (swinging swords that is), and keep going till they tell you to stop. Try not to pass the person running. Most probably, they will put a person where you are supposed to stop (just standing parallel to it). This will also most probably be your job when it is your side's turn to guide.

hopefully, both sides will hit the sarcophagi that are across the chasm, do not go inside yet

Part 3 the easy beat down
Right, now that you are all done breaking sarcophagi, dont go in. One person will go in, preferably someone who A: doesnt matter or B: can actually survive inferno (more on this thingy later). anything besides inferno, go in. In the fight, meteor swarm/disintegrate/hit him

Abbot has very little hp, and ok casting power, but some interesting abilities:
Mordenkainens disjunction- meh, melees dont get their gloves of claw :p

Encasement- a lot of people dont seem to know, if you arent a melee, simply jump a lot and you will avoid this, what it does is traps you in some rocks, which deals damage to you over time, you can be "broken out" by the people with the asteroids (one of which is prob you), just throw some until the rocks go away.

Invisible enemies- lotsa invisible wheeps, if you are a caster, cast firewall everywhere

Inferno- most important to look out for, about 10 seconds before this spell is cast he will get flam-y and say "i call the inferno." A large firestorm covers the entire platform, there are 3 ways to survive:

Power through: recommended- at least 3 clerics/ 2 casters- all clerics spam all cures not mass heal its too slow. Casters spam mass protect if it is equipped, break enchantment. This will allow you to survive the 4 seconds of damage.

Ice island at 7 oclock: imagine the whole platform as a clock, at 7 the person with ice wands will make an ice island. if you are tasked with the wands, stand at 7 oclock, not near the abbot. Cast it when they say "inferno". Everyone will run onto the island when inferno is cast. wait for 4 seconds only, that is how long inferno actually damages people, the visual lasts longer. Remember, the island lasts 10 total seconds, then disappears and dumps you in death water

Divine Intervention: Are you an all cleric abbot/ a cleric in general? if so you can always just di yourself and jump off.

Eventually abbot will die, then profit :D


Shroud! winner of "most farmed" "most famous raid boss" (the fact that the weps are named "harry beater" sort of proves that) and "my god i really have that many completions!?" awards.

The shroud has 5 parts, and the entrance area. In the entrance, simply wait for buffs/buff people, and wait for the leader to initiate the quest by talking to Quissana.

Part 1-Portal Beating
Probably the simplest part, has two separate rolls for melee/clerics/wizards under 17/sorcs under 18, and wiz/sorcs who have 9th level spells.

Melee/Cleric/wiz under 17/sorc under 18- first, there are some assorted mobs to kill, this is no biggy, just follow the other, no doubt experienced people to the mobs and beat them to death. Afterwords, portals will start to spawn in various places, just follow people around and hit them/cast at them/ heal the party. Eventually you will kill all of them, and advance to the next section.

Wiz/Sorc with 9th level spells- your job is to kill all the trash, not necessarily the beginning trash, but the trash that spawns out of the portals with wail of the banshee. note that this roll isnt actually necessary, just convenient, as in any decent party, the mobs will die in instants anyway. However, wizards are expected to wail at every portal. Most wizards run one portal ahead, to save more time.

Note: A friendly party member can always tell you over voice where the next portal is, but i find that most of the time, the party finds it acceptable that you simply stay with them, and wail the portals they arrive apon, especially if you mention beforehand that is what you will be doing. (this is what i did for my first 15 runs or so)

Note: It is advisable that you learn to kite/ handle mobs, in the beginning, not all your wails will hit

Important: mobs called "portal keepers" spawn from portals, you MUST kill them quickly, if the dm says "a portal keeper has entered the shroud", immediately head to the next portal and try to wail him/finger of death

Part 2- 4 lietanent sincronized kill.

You spawn in a maze. do not run through the center and head straight for the south-central part of the maze (it is advisable to follow the closest party member at this junction), here you will see the rest (or however many of your party have arrived, of your party fighting to kill everything. once the trash is dead, there will usually be a second wave of mobs that come in. A scout will check what bosses you have. these bosses must be killed at almost the same time, killing one early will result in its spirit walking to the center of the maze, and resurrecting itself at full health.

The Bosses-
Non-elemental- these will be pulled into the northeast corner, you need to keep them moderately seperate. "prep" (or lower to about 10%) them, and wait for the others to be prepped/ help out.
Elemental- one of these (earth or fire) is always among the raid bosses. A single caster is usually enough to take these out, but if you are newer and/or squishier, i suggest volunteering for crystal duty. However, these battles by no means require strong survival as long as your reflex save is reasonably good. on a capped non-tred pure AM wizard (elven) i regularly solo both the elementals, (either kiting, or insightful reflexes and a nice shield help a lot for after they've been prepped)

The Crystal (wiz job)- this is the wizard/sorceror job i was talking about, your job is to ensure that the crystal shatters almost instantly when the bosses go down (this lowers a barrier you will see around it). You want to have 6 firewalls (i just find that safe, i think only 4 are necessary) casted around the crystal, point at it with mouselook and cast firewalls around it. Depending on your sp pool, you can begin continuosly keeping firewalls around the crystal, or only casting them when things start getting prepped.
Note: there is a small chance a mob will wander the the middle that hasnt been killed, call for help if you cant take it

part 3- the puzzle/fountain
as you are new, you are probably not familiar with this part, however, this is the "easiest" part for new people as you can simply inform the party. "dont know my puzzle", and your general cardinal direction, and someone will come buy eventually, unlock your door, and do the puzzle for you, while you run to the south center, and then enter the actual center, and then water faces (more on that later)

There will be flying blade storms that deal ~ 24 damage and proc twice or so (never run with them, they proc many times that way, if one hits you from behind, run backwards temporarily), and yellow runes on the floor that cast horrid wilting when you step on them. Generally, all your buffs will be removed by dispel magic effects that proc frequently all over the place. There is little point in shrining before this part.

For those of you that do want to solve your puzzle, and not be lazy, go to www.perfectweb.org and click on "shroud puzzle solver". The puzzles work like this- whenever you jump on a tile, all the tiels adjacent to it change state (on/off). If you click the appropriate size, then click 'edit' and light up the tiles you see in front of you, the puzzle solver will give you the simplest solution it finds (jump on all the tiles with a 1). note: it sometimes doesnt work with 5x5

After puzzles are done, you interact with the head thingy in the center of the round to get a vial of water, interact again with the similar looking heads to "water them" but only if the puzzle is solved. After all heads recieve water, the round is over.

Part 4 Harry part 1

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