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03-22-2011, 03:39 AM
We have already had to many spell buffs before the transition to free to play at level 16 cap as we maxed out and some buffs would be hidden on our buff bar on the top right hand corner. I think its past due for a change as a much more buffs have come out to pollute that information mess. I would like to suggest 2 possible fixes because I hate being asked for haste or rage when the person still has 3+ mins left only because they can't see it on the buff bar.

Suggestion #1
Change the current 1 buff bar and 1 character status(level up, AP to spend, etc) bar into 2 or 3. I know this would take more time coding to have to figure out what bar each buff goes into but would make things nicer.

Top bar will be spells that plays can cast that last for 1+ min a caster level and have a high caster level cap. Also make an 'option' just to show only 1 icon for resist energy that shows that you have some sort of resist spell cast on you as we can tell what resist that is by referring to character sheet.

Middle bar will be for the shorter duration per level, have a low max duration, or are permanent till rest or death. Divine favor, divine might, haste, recitation, holy aura, bless, displace, blur, etc, masters touch, death pact.

Bottom bar will be ship buffs, quest buffs because top one gets to long, debuffs, negative effects, and keep far right side of the bar for lvl up indicatior, AP, etc.. Quest buffs would include things like storm reaver charges, anti gravity, fly;

Suggestion #2
Make 1 extra bar with the up to the same length of the current bar. That bar can be will only display buffs that you have chosen under options whenever you have those bufs. This might be faster to implement but still leaves the problem of buffs going off the display.

So example, I'm a paladin and my bar is filled.

Normal buff bar currently shows ship buffs, resists, prot elements/evil, dw, divine favor, zeal.

And most of the ones I want to see like haste, rage, divine might, etc is not shown on the normal bar. In the second bar I would have haste, rage, dw, divine favor, divine might, zeal chosen to show up. (divine favor, dw, and zeal show up twice in this case. In normal bar and in selected buff bar).

03-22-2011, 04:06 AM
I agree. Modest review the GUI design in relation to player buff/nerf displays is worth the development resources.


~TheHolyDarkness Out~