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03-21-2011, 08:45 AM
Wouldn’t it be great if the alignment system of D&D would play a bigger role in DDO? At the moment a group of paladins will finish a dungeon the same way like a group of pale masters. (I know pale masters can’t be evil the way it is now) Just a thought, but how was it if the alignment of a character had an impact on the game, beside item use. For example

GOOD: There is a fortress of the silver flame under siege by outsider forces. A group of good aligned heros would get the quest to sneak into the fortress and give the commander a mighty artefact that can create a portal for reinforcements. Together with the new silver flame forces the heros defeat the outsiders, get a reward that helps those with a pure heart and their silver flame favour increases.
EVIL: A group of evil villains would get the quest to to seek the confidence of the silver flame, sneak into the fortress and set the portal. But instead of the silver flame reinforcements the cult of the devourer will take advantage of the fortress’ weakness. Together with the evil forces the group of villains stabs the defenders in the back and brings carnage to the outsiders. They get a unholy reward that will increase their evil powers and become more famous among their dark brethren.
NEUTRAL: A neutral group would open the portal and tell the defenders to get thru it while defending there back until the last one is save, then blowing up the fortress because the influence of the silver flame is to big anyway.

Same quest, but with a “good” a “evil” and a “neutral” way to finish it. The difference isn’t big, only different rewards and favour, but it would feel more like D&D. The good and evil way would be only playable by groups without characters of the opposite alignment, for mixes groups there would be always the neutral way. Even if this option was only applied to some quests it would make alignment more then only a choosing between usable items.

At the moment evil alignment can’t be implemented because there is no way to quest the evil way. Evil would be only a label or an excuse for grieving. But with good and evil questing there was a way to play a true good paladin and a evil pale master. At least part-time.

PS. Of course I would like to see the described quest implemented, all rights to turbine. I am sure they are anyway when something is posted on the forums under suggestion ;)