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03-17-2011, 11:30 PM
A quick word about myself ~ after hearing about a fun server event on DDOcast where a guild ran a server challenge where the first person to make it out of the PVP pit while blinded got a great prize, I thought this was a fantastic idea and decided to expand it out into a series of challenges for my guild, calling them the MAC-lypmics after our guild (the Mature Adventurer's Club) and the Olympics of course. The following is a guide for guilds on the challenges we used, as well as a how-to for running their very own guild event based off of parts or all of this. ~ Have fun out there!

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What are Guild Olympics?

A series of “challenges” devised to be balanced so that a lvl 20 on their 3rd TR life has no advantage over a newcomer to DDO, and supply a big serving of teamwork, a smattering of luck, a little dash of brainpower, and a buffet of fun. All challenges take place in F2P zones so all guildies have a chance to participate.

What is a “Challenge”?

Each challenge that was run in our recent MAC-lympics (run by the Mature Adventurer's Club on Khyber) is described in detail in the following posts.

In short they involved teams of 2 swapping ugly clothes, answering questions in various bars, solving the Korthos puzzle, playing Hot/Cold, leading a blinded teammate out of the pvp pit, and some bonus questions.

A quick note on the challenge names ~ all the challenges were top secret before the event ran, so nobody knew what the challenges were and the names were 'clues' to get people interested & guessing on what the challenge could be.

What will our guild need to run this event?

1 – Games Master (GM)
5 (or more) – Volunteers, one (or more) to host each event*
* only one challenge requires specific in-game skills (casting), all the others can be anyone

What is the Games Master responsible for?

In the days leading up to the Guild-lympics, the Games Master is responsible for finding volunteers and explaining their tasks to them, as well as collecting any donations for prizes, and ensuring guildmates are aware of the event. Note: for running the full event, leave plenty of time (e.g. a month) so guildies can note it on their calendars.

For information on running the games, please see the “game day” post after the challenge information posts.

What are the Volunteers / Hosts responsible for?

Each host is responsible for running teams through their particular challenge. Specific requirements are spelt out in each challenge post below. As a general rule, a timer of some sort (e.g. a watch) is needed for most events. A couple events also require the ability to clear low level quests and explorer areas.

What about prizes?

In MAC, we were lucky enough to have several generous guildies who put up everything from Turbine Points to a Bloodstone to some nice loot to some gag prizes... masterwork arrows anyone?

The way we distributed the prizes (because in the end the “winners” got bragging rights about their team skills and we didn't want any “losers” because this was all to have a good time) was that the Games Master jotted peoples names down on small sheets of paper, then drew from a dish to get the order of names for the draw and posted them on our guild forum in number sequence, then rolled our on-forum dice so there was a visible roll people could see. The GM also redrew numbers for each “big” prize, removing the winner of the last big prize, so it was very random.

For the rest of the prizes, the GM drew names from the slips of paper for those who hadn't gotten a prize yet, and starting from the top left of her prizes, gave them out in the order they appeared in the character's inventory (which had happened as guildies had donated items), so there was also a really random quality there.

03-17-2011, 11:31 PM
Challenge 1 ~ Ambrosia of the Gods (aka the Bar Crawl)

* Note: we did two runs at this event, one in the morning & one in the evening, as we have guildies spread across the globe and didn't want to leave anyone out, hence the “am” and “pm” questions. We also arranged so people who hosted am events could participate in the pm events without having an advantage on knowing the answers.

Location: Starts in Marketplace Bar The Rusty Nail, moves to bars in House K, J, D, & P

Goal: Visit various bars around Ebberon and have a better look at our drinking establishments!

Scoring: Every correct answer is worth 1 point. Total for the challenge is 5 points.


AM - Clues/Questions (listed by bar):

Marketplace - Rusty Nail
Q: How many toasters call the Rusty Nail home?
A: 2

House K - Ever Full Flagon
Q: A well lit bar is a curiosity, how many lights are on the wall?
A: 16

House D - Anvilfire Inn
Q: Where's the Beer? Of the 16 patrons, how many have a drink in their hands?
A: 7

House J - Drowning Sorrows Tavern
Q: If Bulce patches over the holes in her wall, how many will she need to fix?
A: 2

House P - Golden Wing Inn
Q: If every stained glass window cost 10pp, how much did Lamden spend on the Golden Wing?
A: 150pp (15 windows x 10pp)


Clues/Questions (listed by bar):

Marketplace - Rusty Nail
Q: Not very accurate is she, how many knives actually hit their target?
A: 4

House K - Ever Full Flagon
Q: How many bottles of wine does Malison Deathsong keep on and behind her counter?
A: 29

House D - Anvilfire Inn
Q: How many side rooms does the Anvilfire have?
A: 2

House J - Drowning Sorrows Tavern
Q: Who thinks they're "stupid, not drunk"?
A: Old Man Newton

House P - Golden Wing Inn
Q: For only having 7 Inn patrons, they sure have a lot of chairs in here! How many are there?
A: 58

03-17-2011, 11:31 PM
Challenge 2 ~ Space Odyssey Khyber (aka 3 blind mice)

Location: House D Hammersmith Inn – PVP pit

Goal: One blinded person is lead by their seeing teammate out of the tavern.

Host Requirements:
Casting Blindness
Casting Negative level & Curse (if req'd to lower higher characters saves)
Blindness removal wand/pots, curse removal wand/pots, and lesser restoration wand/pots
A timing device (for scoring)

Scoring: Total for the challenge is 5 points. {Assigned after teams complete, based on a curve where the fastest teams gather 5 points and the slowest gather 1}

Have participants remove any blindness immunity items
Cast Blindness on 1 team mate
The non-blind person has to guide the blinded person out of the tavern into the harbour/house. Note: in the bars, all dots become stationary, and you don't see the layout of the pvp pit, so seeing the “map” doesn't help blinded people.
Time starts when the first instruction by the guiding person is spoken, and ends when the blinded person gets out of the tavern.

03-17-2011, 11:32 PM
Challenge 3 ~ Burning Rations (aka Hot Potato)

Location: On the guild ship (alternately, anywhere you want!)

Ugly robe & hat (GM bought them off the AH for around 50 plat, make sure they're not race restricted, or higher than lvl 4 outfits)
A timing device of some sort

Goal: Equip & trade the item between party members 6 times as fast as possible

Scoring: Total for the challenge is 5 points. {Assigned after teams complete, based on a curve where the fastest teams gather 5 points and the slowest gather 1}

Have participants remove robes & helms
Have them toggle on showing helms
Starting with any member, trade the ugly robe & helm to the first player
Time starts when they click "trade accepted"
Then it's a race, they must equip the robe & helm, de-equip them, then trade them to the next participant in their group
That participant will equip the robe & helm, de-equip them, then hand them back to the first person. (So for a team of 2, they will both wear the robe/helm 3 times each)
Time ends when they have both the robe & helm in the trade window back to the host.

03-17-2011, 11:32 PM
Challenge 4 ~ Power Play (aka solve Storehouse Puzzle)

Location: Korthos Island - Storehouse Secret quest

Able to clear the Storehouse Secrets on casual
A timing device of some sort
A calculation device of some sort (or your brain!)

Goal: Each member of the group will solve the Korthos Island Storehouse Secret quest's puzzle, then the team is given a score based on their average time.

Scoring: Total for the challenge is 5 points. {Assigned after teams complete, based on a curve where the fastest teams gather 5 points and the slowest gather 1}

Have the participants roll a d100, order for puzzle solving will be lowest to highest scores
Clear the Korthos Storehouse quest (party can be with you for clearing if they want)
Find the silver key (and defeat the sauhaugin)
Go to the puzzle room
The team member with the lowest roll will get ready to solve the puzzle
Time starts when the doors are finished unlocking (host will unlock)
Time ends when puzzle is fully powered (shield around scroll drops)
Exit the quest **without picking up the scroll** (which completes the quest)
Break & reform
Re-enter the quest, this time the other team member will complete the puzzle.
Calculate the average time for puzzle completion and refer to scoring chart above.

03-17-2011, 11:33 PM
Challenge 5 ~ The Bulls I (aka Hot & Cold to find the target)

Location: Cerulean Hills Explorer area

Able to clear the Cerulean Hills explorer area
A timing device of some sort
A calculation device of some sort

Goal: Each team member will take turns playing "hot & cold" to direct their teammates to a specific place in the Cerulean Hills.

Target Locations:

1. After entering the hills, head left to the Orc Village. The target is standing on the roof of the southern-most hut.

2. The Vines on the arbors (wine things) to the north. The target is standing under the wooden structure.

Scoring: Total for the challenge is 5 points. Average the time to get to the two locations. {Assigned after teams complete, based on a curve where the fastest teams gather 5 points and the slowest gather 1}

Ideally, the host clears the whole west/north part of the hills (so teams aren't hindered/distracted/etc by the critters or know they're “off path” by seeing critters)
Have the first team member wait outside the Cerulean Hills
The second team member will enter the hills with the host and will be shown the location they are targetting
The host and second team member will return to the entrance
When back at the entrance, ask the team member to zone in (this way they won't see blue dots showing them which way to go)
Explain the "Hot & Cold" game*
Timer starts when the host says "go!"
Timer ends when participants find the correct location.
After first location is found, the second player (who lead the last round) will leave the Cerulean Hills while the first team member will be shown by the host where the second target area is.
Return to the entrance, invite the team member who was waiting outside to come in, and off they go.

*In case you've never played Hot & Cold:

The finder moves in a direction, which the knower will then say is "warm" (heading in the right direction) or "cold" (heading in the wrong direction). You can also vary degrees, e.g. someone far away "cold" who turns even further the wrong way can be told they're now in the Antarctic

03-17-2011, 11:33 PM
Challenge 6 ~ Dust in the Wind (aka the bonus questions challenge)

Location: Wherever the GM happens to be (generally on the guild ship)

Goal: Randomly ask bonus questions in guild chat.

Scoring: Every correct answer is worth 1 bonus point to the team whose member gives the correct answer the fastest


Guild Chat log sample:


* pause for 5-10 seconds, so it gives teams a chance to notice

[To Guild] ... (question)


These questions aren't meant to be brainteasers and should be easy to answer for both new and old guild and DDO players. Some samples of bonus questions are things like:

Q: How many weapon set slots do you have?
A: 20

Q: Which stat does Heal base off of?
A: Wisdom

Q: What is the default letter for opening your inventory?
A: i

Q: Which resist shrine is on the guild ship?
A: fire (or greater fire)

03-17-2011, 11:34 PM

It's finally here, the day you've been working and preparing for, the Guild-lympics are about to start in an hour.

Games Master:


For our MAC-lympics the GM had a whiteboard near her computer (recommendation: have it offline, or on a second screen or separate computer rather than trying to alt-tab or work in a window, you may miss too much by leaving game to update your info). The whiteboard had the following grid setup – with events & hosts listed in columns, and teams listed in rows – simplified here (ignore the ... the forums don't allow blank spaces):

.......................Ambrosia......|.........Pow er
......................(Host 1).......|.........(Host 2)
Team Name.........................|
Team Name.........................|

As teams were formed, I would send them off to an un-busy event leader and put a checkmark in the box where the team met the challenge they were involved in.

As teams completed their challenges, the host would report back to the GM with the time or score and the GM would fill that in and erase the checkmark.

Then the GM can look at which hosts have a checkmark under their column (indicating a team is in-progress) and which are free.


Teams of 2 are created by randomly pairing up people standing around the GM.

We found teams of two worked the best for providing a good balance of completing challenges without too much delay or repetition, while still allowing each member to contribute, and giving each host a good amount of traffic to their challenges.


There are two basic ways you could choose to go about this:

1. The Surprise!

If you don't want your guildies to know too much about the event so it's a fun surprise (which is what the MAC-lympics were, as nobody had ever run anything like this before in our guild):

The GM invites two guildies to party, forming a team. The GM then invites a free host to the party, and then wishes the team members luck and drops the party. The host then lets the team know where they are headed to, and explains the event.

After the initial challenge, the teams return to the guild ship and invite the GM, who then accepts and assigns a new free host.

2. Similar to above, except as the hosts and events aren't a total secret, when the GM receives word from the host that a team has finished their challenge, the GM will respond with the name of the next host, and the team can drop the current host and invite the next host.

** As GM, it's also nice for you to keep your hosts in the loop. If you've got a team headed towards them, let them know! If you're waiting for a team to finish up challenge “a” before they can be reassigned and you've got a host waiting for someone, let them know that a team's just finishing up a quest and they're next on your assignment list (this also provides for hosts to go afk and know that teams aren't going to be trying to invite them while they're gone).

** Also – if your quicker challenge hosts get through all their teams, but other hosts are still going strong, let your hosts know there aren't any more teams and thank them for their help.


No two teams will take the same amount of time in a challenge, although you will see trends in times, some challenges will always take longer than others, so no two teams will progress through the Guild-lympics the same manner. Team A may go from challenge 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5, while Team B who started at 2 was ready for a new challenge before Team C finished 3, so they got moved to challenge 4.

It does mostly work itself out in the end.


As the volunteers are busy during the games, please consider making teams of those volunteers when you're done and running them through the events yourself.

It's hard work being a games leader and a volunteer (although it's very rewarding!) and at the end of a successful event, it's nice to lay back and relax and have a laugh as you go through the event yourselves!

03-17-2011, 11:34 PM
For more information about my fantastic guild (and yes, I'm more than slightly biased!) check us out at:

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Our website: http://www.themacguild.com/

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Some great ideas in here, thanks for this!

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This is cool, and sounds like a lot of fun! Nice work.

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I don't know who you but it sounds JUST like the MAC-Olympics that Kaydience ran.. hmm similar guild name as well.... maybe you are her evil twin.... ha ha, you have been uncovered!!!

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I don't know who you but it sounds JUST like the MAC-Olympics that Kaydience ran.. hmm similar guild name as well.... maybe you are her evil twin.... ha ha, you have been uncovered!!!

That's me fluff :p

And to prove it... "Looot!" heehee

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Kaidynce... Mehlodhi... something sounds familiar here ;)

+1. Awesome work Ka... er, Mehlodhi. I wish I could have attended, but it was fun to read about the event nonetheless. :)