View Full Version : Make HE Dilettante bonuses scale with base stat

03-17-2011, 04:59 PM
One of the things which irks me about the half-elf Dilettante feats is the relatively high min. stat requirement; the other thing which irks me about them is there's no benefit to having a higher base stat than 13 (for the purposes of your dilly) because of how relatively low the bonuses are capped, even with the new enhs. Given all the ways of raising one's stats in DDO, it seems a bit absurd to me not to give HE folks a little more oomph from their Dilettantes if they bump up their base stats higher.

So my idea is: lower the base stat pre-req for the Dilettante feats to 11; but make the max possible bonus from your dilly feat scale up with your base stat (inc. tome & lvl-ups). This gives half-elf builds more flexibility in their stats while still tying the dilly stat to better bonuses.

So say you have base CHA 11 and take the pally dilly; your max bonus to saves from CHA is +3 (e.g., base 11 + 1 enh + 4 item or spell). If your base CHA is 13, you can bump up that bonus to a max of +5 (base 11 + 2 tome + 1 enh + 6 item). And if you get your base CHA up to 15, your max bonus is +7 (base 13 + 2 tome + 1 enh + 6 item + 2 ship buff). Same thing with monk dilly & WIS AC bonus. With the caster Dillies (sorc, cleric, etc.), a base stat of 11 lets you emulate, say, a lvl 5 caster, stat 13 gets you lvl 10 caster equivalency, stat 15 gets you lvl 15 caster. Basically I'm trying to scale it so base stat 13 gets you the current max bonus; base 11 is a bit lower and base 15 is a bit higher.

Not sure how high to scale the bonuses, nor what bonuses to provide with some of the Dilettantes. really get nothing but TWF HEs that way. :p]