View Full Version : Pseudo-permadeath challenge difficulty.

03-16-2011, 07:48 PM
How about a difficulty level where, if you die in the quest, you're automatically released back to your bind point and can no longer re-enter that quest while it is still active?

There could be mechanics to prevent new players joining inside quests that have already been in progress for 5 minutes or longer (the same time as when a Late Entry penalty would happen).

This may be of interest to people seeking a challenge, or those who appreciated the Death Penalty when it existed, and so on.

The whole party has to enter the quest within 5 minutes of each other or be locked out of that run, anyone who dies inside the quest in automatically released from the dungeon instance and sent back to their bind point, leaving the remaining players to try and complete this particular run on their own, without the help and skills of whoever died. Of course this would render Resurrection Shrines and Raise Dead spells/scrolls redundant while on this specific challenge difficulty, but that's the whole point of trying it on this difficulty.

Of course, the remaining players could simply recall and reset their party to try again with a full group, naturally. The point is the challenge of actually getting to complete this non-death difficulty with your character.

Anyone who does happen to die and is released, they will of course not get a re-entry penalty or have their first-time bonus removed, as they'd be unable to rejoin a run in progress after having died inside it, they'd need to wait for a new instance of that quest.

I'd hope this mechanic would be relatively easy to implement from a programming standpoint it would simply be a case of: auto-release on death, and become flagged as being unable to re-enter the same instance of that quest while it's in progress, and anyone who would get a late-entry penalty will be ineligible to join an instance in progress.

The question is, however, would this be a popular idea for people seeking a different way to play DDO?

(edit: Another potential method could be to remove resurrection shrines and have auto-release happen after 10 seconds, thus giving Divines the chance to use their Raise Dead spells/scrolls and keep in the spirit of having these spells in D&D.)