View Full Version : Please don't rush the localization!

03-14-2011, 03:32 PM
Hey there!

The premise of developing a localized client is very cool and will help of lot of people that are not that familiar with the English language to get into the game. The problem you face however is (at least) twofold:

1. How do you manage to incorporate a localized client into an international or mostly English server environment? I'm talking of quest name or more general, proper noun translation. Where the h*** do I find the quest "Schlafenden Staub sollte man nicht wecken" (loose translation of the 'let sleeping dust lie' idiom) and how do I connect the two with each other? How do I recognize items or abbreviations for items (metPG for example) if I run another client? What about Spells? I have no definite answer for these but I hope that you guys have at least asked yourself these questions.

2. The quality of the localized texts/voiceovers has to be decent at least. Having translations that could be from 'Google Translate' won't cut it at all and disturb old players who probably want to switch client languages as well as new players because our grasp for the native language is sensitive one and a good translation is a form of art in itself. So please take your time, get some native speakers and do it properly. The fragments I read in the other threads are funny at best and embarrassing at worst. If you can't do it all at once, do it pack by pack or quest by quest but no 'germish' stuff out of a translator please.

I'm just downloading the beta myself and try to get some insight into the client.

Regards, Tinco