View Full Version : Royal2 Dark/Steel armor kit on outfits: critique and suggestion

03-13-2011, 02:11 PM
I wasn't sure whether this should go in the suggestion forum or the DDO store forum. I posted it in the DDO store forum, but I think it will get more notice here. As I'm sure many people have noticed the Dark/Steel armor kits don't always have the same skin as the other colors with the same name. Sometimes this is for the better and sometimes it is for the worse. With the Royal 2 armor kit, at least on outfits, it is definitely for the worse. It feels like some of the Dark/Steel kits were hastily thrown together so they could be put out as soon as possible. The Royal 2 one in particular feels like a randomly generated piece of loot. The colors on the two layers don't coordinate well at all. I would suggest either changing it, or perhaps offering two versions of the kit: one kept the way it is now in case some people do like it that way, and one that shares the same skin as its red and green counterparts only in black instead.

I was looking through armor kit previews for my monk. Before the Royal 2 set in red went missing from the store I really liked that, but wanted darker colors for my dark monk. So I decided to try out the Dark/Steel Royal 2 kit. This is what it looks like:


The top layer on it looks, for lack of a better word, horrible. It's different from the other Royal 2 sets, but that's not the main issue so much as that there was absolutely no consideration taken for the color of the top layer compared to the layer under it.

The other colors of the Royal sets had the same outer layer as the Leaf 2 set seen here:


This would look much much better both in style and color. Please consider changing it. If not the style of the outer layer at least make it black and not an odd brownish-gray.