View Full Version : Couple Changes to basic weapons

03-12-2011, 09:35 AM
One of the things in this game that bugs me more then anything else is "clones" out there. You know the two-weapon fighters who all use the same khopeshes. Where what I'm suggesting won't effect everything terribly, it might give a couple more options and styles of playing the game.

Simple Weapons

Dagger: Deals both slashing and piercing damage. (The dagger is one of those weapons you can use in most situations. Giving it the slashing will allow it to bypass some DR's that piercing can't. With the lower damage dice I don't really see this as being too large of an issue.)

Sickle: Gives a +2 bonus to trips.

Morning Star: Deals both Bludgeoning and Piercing damage.

Exotic Weapons

Kama: Gives a +2 bonus to trips.

Bastard Sword: Unless you have the feat (Exotic Weapon Prof.: Bastard Sword) you wield the Bastard Sword as if it were a two-handed weapon, like a greatsword. Wielding it with two hands only requires a Martial Weapon Prof.

(*Drinks Flame Protection Pot*)
Khopesh: Reduce the critical to x2 and give it a +4 bonus to trip attempts.

I know these are small things that won't change things around too much (besides maybe the Khopesh one) but they are little things that give a couple of the weapons a little bit a personal flare.

Please tell me your thoughts and other "lesser weapons" that you think need a boost.