View Full Version : A little help for Sorcs

03-11-2011, 11:33 AM
I've played an offensive sorc since about 2 months after launch. I know them inside and out. When there were only 4 slots for enhancements, I had all the fire ones. I dropped PK for firewall when it was released and was told I was stupid, firewall doesnt do any damage.

I've been around.

The way mob HP is in this game, it is utterly impossible, beyond a shadow of a doubt, to play a DPS-specced offensive caster without maximize and empower.

I'm sorry, running around and hitting mobs at 20th level for 100-150 damage per spell just doesnt cut it.

Having max and empower are basically requirements to play a DPS caster. You cant get your spell damage anywhere near close to the range of damage you need it to be without them.

Anyone remember Wheel of Fortune back in the day? The final puzzle? Pick 5 consonants and 1 vowel. What was picked, every show, without fail?
R S T L N and E

Why? Because those are the most common consonants and vowel in the english language.

Those were picked, so often, that years ago they changed the show. You automatically get R S T L N E for free. You get to pick like 3 other letters of your own...

It's time for Sorc's to get Max and Empower for free. I know free feats are the realm of the Wizard, but for petes sake - is there a sorc anywhere who focuses on DPS who doesnt have those 2 spells?

Having 2 more feats available might help. A little.

Oh, and where's the PrE's? :)