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03-10-2011, 02:47 PM
I guess this goes here, I don't see a forum feedback forum or tag.

As the title hints at, why is Turbine making changes to the forum that makes it harder to use, while at the same time they make changes to the game that makes it easier?

Sounds like double talk to me or at least a double standard.

Let’s look at some recent changes:

Game: Relegating die notation to sub-note status; why, because “players” found it too hard to understand.
I still do not get this one, but dead horse.

Forum: Combining the class forums; why, because “posters” found it too hard to find the right forum to post in.
Really if you had a question about wizards it was too hard to use the wizard class forum?

Game: Tutorials everywhere, like how to buy things from the DDO store; why, because “players” did not understand how to click on the store icon.
I just laugh at this one, it is better than crying.

Forum: A mention of the new tag system, with no real explanation and a severe lack of understanding of how posters will use it (in other words, if it is too hard to figure out the DDO store, how hard is using tags going to be?); why, no real reason just because it is the way it is.
If a person could not figure out what forum to post in how are they going to figure out which tag to use? By Turbine’s own logic, at best there are going to be a lot of mis-tagged post at worse you are going to have a bunch of post with no tags at all.

Game: Feedback from “players” that demand the game be easier and explain more.
Please can we stop the tutorials past Korthos Island, do we really need one in the live event on how to get to the store?

Forum: Feedback from “posters” that demand a reorganization to make topics “easier” to find.
I would love to see some of these request, blackout the names, but let’s see the overwhelming demand for these changes.

Look, I really do not care all that much about the changes in the forums, (I don’t post all that much just once in awhile) do I wish they asked actual posters first, of course I do (and if they asked any of you please speak up and state your reasoning); however, this is just one more example of Turbine doing what they want to without much regard for those that pay their bills, or does ad revenue really bring in enough money that it justifies making subscribers and point buyers upset.

Turbine has a habit of this, come hell or high water; it is their way or the highway, in the last 18 months name one change that Turbine has gone back on? The only one I can think of is the “Offering Wall”. Turbine makes changes to make more money, I understand that, but why do they not just say so, this constant excuse that “feedback and polls” have asked for this is getting beyond thin. I still think if you actually asked your customers what they want, you would make more money in the long run; but what do I know, customer service went out the window years ago in most U.S. companies.

Most people play DDO because it is based on D&D and as such the game should keep the D&D feel, most people that post on the forums do so because they want to be heard in some way and as such the forums should be left in a useable format, not this abomination.

If Turbine’s web people are looking for something to do, how about fixing myDDO, like giving a way to remove old lotto winning notices, or having it update like it should.