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03-09-2011, 11:46 PM
Like in most MMO, money comes in but not much out, creating a big inflation. Here is a simple idea to sink a bit of money: introducing a lifestyle (this idea comes from Shadowrun RPG for those who care).
Every player is supposed to pay for a lifestyle every month to reflect the money spent every day to eat, sleep, etc. Each lifestyle would come with a different price. Since DDO is level based, it should probably depend on the level too. For each lifestyle you would have some buffs, similar to guild buffs. High end characters, who always seek the biggest bonus, would pay the price for those little bonuses, while a new player could choose to ignore it, and select the lowest lifestyle.
What kind of bonuses? This could be a +X% to xp for example. Low lifestyle would give +0%, but Middle lifestyle could bring a +1%, High lifestyle a +2% and Luxury lifestyle a +4%. Another option would be to give access to some dies and armor skins merchants. These amenities would only last while you pay the lifestyle, on the contrary to DDO Store which last forever (well ... up to the next LR...). These are only some possibilities and I'm sure many players have very nice ideas as well.

So, what do you think about the idea?