View Full Version : TRing and tomes a slightly different suggestion

03-08-2011, 11:39 PM
So I was looking at the keep tomes through TR thread and the main reason why I think Turbine won't implement
that as many people point out is that it would mean a loss of revenue from +2 tomes bought from the store.
This I think is very likely since let's face it I bought supreme +2's on both of my TR's rather then buying the +2's with
in game plat.

The way I see around this hurdle to implementing allowing TR's to keep their tomes and I'm thinking +3/+4 tomes
since I don't thinking anyone is hugely concerned about the +2's, is allow them to be unlockable via the store
or in-game via epic tokens. If turbine sold the option to unlock a +3/+4 tome that you ate in your past life
for TP's or for say 20-40 epic tokens per tome that in my mind is a much easier sell then just letting people
keep their tomes through TR's. When I say or here I mean allow both so as to not make the store sell things
which can not be obtained via in game means.

Sure Turbine might lose a little bit of cash from the +2's that some hardcore power gamers might spend on
+2's from the store since they will buy the unlocks using tokens but I'd bet a lot that they will make a lot lot more
from the people who will buy the unlocks with TP.

I would really like to hear what kind of opinions people have on this. I'm afraid I might get flamed but to me this
seems like an interesting idea.
Just my 2 copper,