View Full Version : Dragging Stats onto screen

03-07-2011, 06:26 PM
It would be nice to be able to drag my Strength or any other stat for that matter from my character sheet onto my screen so that it shows on my screen whever I want to put it.
Nothing fancy, it is just that I would like to know what my strength is at times without having to hit the c button.

Barbarians are always checking their strength because of the many buffs we have. Rage, Rage potion, Madstone boots, Frenzy, Death Frenzy, Titan gloves, etc.
Sometimes I cannot tell if my main rage is done or not unless I hit the C button. This takes about two seconds to check, but that is a long two seconds when it comes to epic combat and the difference between doing a ton of damage and being able to hit a monster's ac to being at a disadvantage which can lead to dying in combat. Split second decisions are key in this game in epic missions.
The rage potion, Frenzy and Death Frenzy, and Rage have the same icon which makes it confusing. But if my strength stat was in a little area on my screen it would always be there to see. This would improve my gameplay a lot. Thanks.