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03-07-2011, 12:31 PM
First I would like to say this might not be the right area to post this.

I have taken an ideal from Microsoft and changed it to help an old computer.
On some Windows OS there is a preformance or rating system. When I did applied this to a machine with that rating system on it, it changed the numbers.

First the logic behind the ideal. Reading and writing data is slower than reading from one source and writing to another. This was the ideal behind ReadyBoost. I made one change to this. I did it with two harddrives. I moved the pagesys file in IE to the second harddrive. This boost the performance and stopped lag on all my systems when others where saying they where lagging of alot more powerful machines.

Making the change is simple and can be done in under five minutes if you have the hardware to back it. This can also be done with a ext harddrive. There is one catch to that. If the Harddrive is removed, Windows will not boot all the time.

Now for the Dev side of the house. If there could be a piece of software written that would allow you to move the IE file and if the second drive failed or was not there it would put it back on the main drive and allow Windows to boot. This is probably part of the ReadyBoost program. However, ready boost does not work for second harddrives.

Most of the time people blame the servers for the lag when I think it might be their own machines. The Dev of the game can only do so much. The rest is on the users end.

For example. I have a daughter that has an old 2.8 pent machine (not a d machine, plain pent) with a 512mb graphics card, 1.5gb of ram, XP Home, and a G wireless connection. The machine will not run your game without lag unless I put this "speed boost" into effect. Her lag goes away and the load times are faster.

There are other files that can be moved to the second harddrive as well. The Temp files in Windows and the Java files. But as I said before, if something happens to the second drive it will not allow Windows to boot.

I know there are people out there that run old machines and I know of a few that have two harddrives. However, they do not have the knowledge to make the changes. Some think I have no ideal what I am talking about.

This post is meant to hopefully help others. Even if it is to get the word out somehow on what to do and how to do it from the game Dev.

Thank you for your time.
Kenneth Taylor
Ilran on Kybar

03-07-2011, 12:35 PM
Are you suggesting that the Turbine devs should eliminate lag by giving everyone that plays DDO a second hard drive? I wager that would cost a lot of TP, even on the 50% off days...

05-04-2011, 12:03 PM
What I am suggesting is the have the software so that if players invested in a second harddrive that it would take advantage of it. It would have to be an add in to Windows to do the functions I put in the previous post. It is up to the player to decide to use the feature or not.