View Full Version : Revert XP rules to Pre-Mod9 (or thereabouts)

03-06-2011, 09:00 PM
Back since GH was released and until the release of Mod9 (aka Eberron Unlimited) quests in gianthold used to enjoy pretty nice XP. Come mod 9 and with it, an XP "adjustment". Downwards. About 1/2 of the base XP that used to be (specially Crucible, Madstone and PoP). Now, I'm not sure why it was cut so dramatically, but with so many people doing TRs and completionists it would seem to me that it would make sense to adjust upwards (perhaps not to the old self 100%, but meet-me-in-the-middle kind of thing). Also, as someone TRing my 4th toon, I would like to suggest you bring back the bonuses given for trying a quest below level (again, maybe with a 5% per level under). It would at least bring an incentive and a bit of a challenge to try content below level.