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03-04-2011, 06:37 PM
Currently, the iron defender line is pretty poor, and its a shame as the concept of building your own mechanical assistant regardless of whether your class has access to summoning spells is a pretty cool one IMO. So, my idea is to add a new enhancement line "Assemble Construct", accessed through having a couple of either the repair focus feats, rogue mechanic line, cannith dragonmark, spell focus conjuration, or maybe just its own dedicated feat (with any one of the above as a prereq?)... activation wouldnt be a spell-type animation but more the rogue trap placement type as they put it together over say 20secs or so. Similar in theme to the pale master summons but available to any race/class & be constructs instead, and similarly to the PM summons you could have one in addition to one gained through whichever summon monster spell.

Tier 1 (ML 6): Assemble lesser construct, summons an animal-like construct, either:
- a dog (standard durable melee similar to the iron defender types but no bloody grease AoE, sometimes uses trip attacks)
- a bat (high AC & mobile similar to the fiendish bat summon, maybe has a disorient effect a la mephits as it flies circles around enemies that lowers their attack)
- a scorpion (make it incapable of burrowing, fast/multiple attacks with good damage but more fragile than the dog)

Tier 2 (ML 12): Assemble construct, summons a WF-like construct, either:
- a tanky fighter type (essentially the skeleton warrior equivalent)
- a archer type (essentially the skeleton archer equivalent)
- a wizard type (you get the idea)

Tier 3 (ML 18): Assemble greater construct, summons a powerful construct, either:
- a flesh golem (essentially the same as the ones you fight in the orchard, resilient in a fight & gets hasted & healed by lightning)
- an iron golem (smaller than the ones in quests naturally, maybe more like the size of the bearded devils.. like regular ones it still gets healed by fire, melees & uses a poison breath type attack, maybe make it a damage over time poison rather than stat damage?)
- a clay golem (again, more like the bearded devil in size, totally melee focus, healed by acid, still deals the anti-healing curse on hits to enemies that arent curse immune)

AP-wise, it'd work in a similar way to the pale master summons, maybe 2 AP to unlock each tier of construct assembly then 1 AP for each golem type? Maybe each tier would also grant an ability similar to the mechanic rogue's repair construct ability (more powerful each tier) that would apply a heal over time to keep them running too (potentially also usable on friendly WF party members?)

I think it'd be a fun little addition that as well as being good for flavour would actually be a fairly viable option in gameplay too.