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03-03-2011, 08:31 PM
ok so i was making a wizard anddddddd
i had no idea whatsoever!!!!!
i couldnt find many posts that helped me with what i wanted help with
i just want a spellcasting wizard not multiclass and massive DPS
i ended up with the stats
8 strength
14 dex
16 con
18 intellect
8 wisdom
6 charisma
and im dwarf
spells i picked (i really want input on these if i picked anything good...)
burning hands
grease (hoping to use hands to set it on fire, like it says in spell description?)
mage armour for the armour boooooost, wasnt sure what difference was to shield, or which was better
master's touch
niacs cold ray, looked like most powerful on list
and summon monster 1, i read somewhere that the monsters are really not helpful at high levels.....
i picked dwarf because i figured why do i need charisma? so i took the extra CON, and i had 10 str on my cleric and i couldnt even hit the starting guys in the cave thing/tutorial so i figured it wasnt even worth the off chance i could hit with melee, figured that the +1 to modifyer on dex was better than 1 in con (17 total) and maxed intellect because it was the most important one, no wisdom or charisma cause i didnt see point
i put points into (for my skills) i think they are (im guessing because im looking at this after i made character, finished it really quick this morning didnt have time to post) 2 in balance (all of these are points not ranks) 4 in concentration, 2 magic device, 4 jump, 3 hide, 2 search, think thats it
my 2 feats were
mental toughness and maximize spell, i thought 2x the damage was better than 50% provided by the other metamorp spell or whatever the maximize spell things are called
so i need help, this post is big because im listing all the info i can on the CHARACRTER i created, and im hoping for good adivce with specifics, I.E, tell me what stats would make a good dps, and what skills are useless, and what feats best support a wizard, along with what spells i should be using at each level
and also i picked chaotic neutral because idk where
but iread somewhere this allows for more weapon choices or something at end game
TY TY TY please help me out

and for some cleric help, should i pick halfling for the bonus dex, to lose str, id have 6 (complete healing cleric) or should i get bonus feat from the human, iv got everything else sorted out on cleric

03-03-2011, 09:09 PM
Your wiz seems ok (although the points in Dex are mostly wasted). You can take inspiration e.g. from the Ingenious Sage in this thread (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=232660) to know which feats & skills are good to have.

For the Cleric, bonus Dex is unlikely to do you any good, unless you're going for a Monk splash. 6 Str is usually a bad idea (I play a 6 str Cleric, so I know what I'm talking about :p).

03-03-2011, 09:12 PM
Hey man,

might be a contender for a re-roll, but int & con are up there so all good.

just keep upping your int to get the CC spells (hypnotism, hold person, web etc) as high as you can - at low levels you'll want to do more CC'ing for your party rather than trying to dish out the pain (because of your very limited SP pool)

scribe all the scrolls you find when you have the cash to buy the inscription materials, & find a nice stout melee to hide behind :)

There are a couple of really good threads in the wizard & sorc forums for what feats & spells to take at particular levels, that should be a good place to start for pimping your wiz.

If you feel like rolling again try:
14 Str
8 Dex
16 Con
18 Int
8 Wis
6 Cha

All levelups into Int, get the greataxe from the grotto & start swinging

Use the following spells at level 1:
Mage armor (or shield if you have mage armor clickies or pots - they are real cheap btw & last 6 minutes)
Masters Touch

Hypno will work on pretty much anything thats not undead, so just stop the mobs in their tracks & hack them up at your leisure :)

Put skill points into:
UMD (yeap, even with 6 cha, that cure wand may save your life one day)
Jump (until it reaches 10 with your bonuses)
Some heal (to help you recover at those lowbie quest shrines - dont go crazy here)
Diplomacy (to help shed aggro that you *really* dont want

Your AC will be so-so at best, but you're a wiz, not a tank - its enough to get by.

Spells to definately get for level 2:
Blur (20% miss chance)
Bulls Strength (boost your melee, really helps for low levels & your party will also appreciate it)
Glitterdust (because its cheap AOE blindness, & blind enemies have a %50 chance to miss you - AND it works on ghasts & wights)

Have fun & good luck! You'll be surprised how easy the lowbie quests are with melee on a self buffing wiz (this stage wont last for long, but its fun nonetheless)

03-03-2011, 10:09 PM
tihocan, i thought the 2 points in DEX would at least somewhat help me with armour or something, thought it was better than 1 con

03-03-2011, 10:17 PM
your ac will more likely than not become useless after early levels. your damage mitigation will come from buffs, DR, and CC. The putting the points in strength would be more useful, as you can be a formidable meleer with a two hander, buffed with master's touch and bull's strength,until midlevels.

03-03-2011, 10:21 PM
your ac will more likely than not become useless after early levels. your damage mitigation will come from buffs, DR, and CC. The putting the points in strength would be more useful, as you can be a formidable meleer with a two hander, buffed with master's touch and bull's strength,until midlevels.

Not to mention that you won't be easily encumbered.

03-03-2011, 10:54 PM
ok where did the melee come in??? 1 of the people i want is a cleric who only heals and the other is a spellcasting wizard, so where??
and i dont know what 7 spells to pick at character creation, so what spells? (wizard) and what class should my cleric be? you guys still didnt answer
and im looking for stuff thats not gonna hinder me in any way at end game, so i dont want stuff that will make it "easier for low levels"
im trying not to sound mean lol sorry
im just very precise about decisions like this haha
human or halfling and why? (cleric again)
i looked at your wizard build for wizards tihocan, and whats this thing about inscribing spells into book
whats wrong with a healing 6 strength cleric

03-03-2011, 11:36 PM
Melee at low levels with any toon

Why? because low level casting sucks & you run out of SP real fast.

Have a look through the wiz & sorc forums for advice on spell selections

A 6 str halfling cleric couldn't carry his holy symbol, let alone the fullplate, shield & various bits of equipment.
-if you get enfeebled, you become helpless & cannot more, fight nor cast spells
-if you suffer poison STR damage, you become helpless & cannot move, fight nor cast spells
-as a halfling you have a reduced capacity to carry weight, 6 STR makes this unbelieveably small, meaning you wont be able to jump over a toothpick or swim further than a few meters.

03-03-2011, 11:44 PM
whats wrong with a healing 6 strength cleric

Mobs will be casting Ray of Enfeeblement on you. With a str under 10, 1 cast of that spell will make you helpless. That means you can take no action. You cannot cast, you cannot swing a weapon, you cannot drink a potion.

Many people feel an 8 str is just as bad as a 6.

The talk about swinging a weapon on your wizard is just good advice. If you try and kill everything with spells you will run out of spell points before you get 1/4 the way through any quest, in the early levels of the game.

So, cast masters touch, and swing away with a greataxe.

The point about dex and ac is that 1 point of ac will be meaningless at later levels. On a wizard having 30 ac at end game is just as effective as having 8 ac. Everything will hit you on a 2 or better. At low levels, up to 4 or 5, drinking a mage armor potion and casting shield will give you enough ac to matter while you swing your greataxe.

03-04-2011, 12:23 AM
Hi OP,

You sound like you're really new to the game, and to D&D, so perhaps some of what others explained isn't really clear.

1. AC - yes, higher Dex will add to your AC. But at higher levels, probably when you reach lvl 8 above, your AC will not matter much. Compared to other builds like rogue/monk/or special melee builds that have the gear to greatly increase their AC, your AC will so low that monsters will hit you most of the time. Whether your AC is 18 or 20 or 22 (remember that +2 Dex only increases +1AC), the monsters are still going to hit you because it is so low. There is very little way to increase your AC for it to be significant for monsters to miss you unless you're building/farming gear for it.

Therefore, a better alternative way is to have miss chance/damage reduction - e.g. Blur (lvl 2) spell which gives you 20% miss chance on any attack by the monsters.

2. Strength - At lower levels, your SP is limited. Or at some point, you run out of SP. A good way is to have some decent strength, and then cast Master's Touch so you gain proficiency in a weapon. Then you can use it in between your spells to damage your monsters. There is a lvl 4 spell - Hold Monster; if a monster is held, you will gain automatic hit (won't miss) and critical damage (where a weapon will do 2-3x) damage. This is much more effiicent than casting a damage spell over and over again.

Also, some monsters can cast spell like Ray of Enfeebling (which damages your Strength stat) or you get poisoned/diseased and you take a penalty to Strength. Then you will get Enfeebled, and if your starting strength is 8, it will be 6 and most likely you will get Encumbered. Encumbered is where you are helpless and can't move due to your Inventory being too heavy (potions, weapons, item, scrolls etc). Imagine what would happen in the middle of a fight and you get encumbered. Therefore, a decent starting Strength is recommended.

3. A wizard's strength is in versatility - they can learn any spells in game by inscribing it. Then at a tavern/rest shrine, they can change the spells in the spellbook. Even though you can learn up to 7 spells at starting, you can only memorized (i.e. cast) 3 spells (if I'm not mistaken). If you find that those 3 spells that you choose are not working, you can go to a tavern or rest shrine and change with the other 4 that you have learned.

In the game, after you have moved on from Korthos into Harbour, you can buy inscription materials and spell scrolls to learn all the spells in the game (though some spells is not available for sale and only from drops). This is diffferent from other classes like sorceror/favoured soul/bards where they can ONLY cast spells they learn. E.g. sorceror learns 2 lvl 1 spells, these are the only the only spells he can learn and he cannot exchange them with other spells.

For starting, spells like
a. Shield/Mage armour can help (at low level, AC can help a bit).
b. damage spell like Burning Hands/Niac's cold Ray would be useful
c. Grease is situational, and the setting on fire doesn't do a lot of damage.
4. Charm person - can be quite useful to protect yourself and get others to fight for you.
5. Summon monster- really useful. Like I said, wizards can learn all spells, and can swap them later with another spell. At higher levels, you don't need to prepare this spell anymore.

Hope this helps!

03-04-2011, 08:30 AM
#1, ty learst, lol i am new to this, trying to work out all the game mechanics and stuff
ok so i wont go 6 strength then, ill just go human on my cleric for the bonuns feat.
so on my wizard, does it not matter too much what spells i pick at level 1, because i can inscribe all of them later? or are there some that cant be inscribed? and i thought AC does reduce damage taken? its only the chance to be hit? if so then i guess more HP would be better, so 2 less dex for 1 con? or if the dex doesnt do much at all for a wizard, i could put all my dex points into strength? or would that suck?
and 7-day_Trial_Monkey you completely missed what i was saying, i was thinking about 6 strength on MY CLERIC not the wizard! im going with dwarf for the bonus 2CON
and what does OP stand for
my cleric looks like the stats are
8 strength
8 dex
14 con
8 intellect
18 wisdom
14 charisma
is this any good for a healing cleric? (human)

03-04-2011, 08:56 AM
#1, ty learst, lol i am new to this, trying to work out all the game mechanics and stuff
ok so i wont go 6 strength then, ill just go human on my cleric for the bonuns feat.
so on my wizard, does it not matter too much what spells i pick at level 1, because i can inscribe all of them later? or are there some that cant be inscribed? and i thought AC does reduce damage taken? its only the chance to be hit? if so then i guess more HP would be better, so 2 less dex for 1 con? or if the dex doesnt do much at all for a wizard, i could put all my dex points into strength? or would that suck?
and 7-day_Trial_Monkey you completely missed what i was saying, i was thinking about 6 strength on MY CLERIC not the wizard! at least read it before you respond..... im going with dwarf for the bonus 2CON
and what does OP stand for
my cleric looks like the stats are
8 strength
8 dex
14 con
8 intellect
18 wisdom
14 charisma
is this any good for a healing cleric? (human)

Best advice you can get at this point:

1) See this link for which spells you should take at level-up points, because the scrolls for these spells are rare or unavailable - http://ddowiki.com/page/The_Rare_Arcane_Scroll_List.

2) See this link for general game info - http://ddowiki.com/page/Home.

3) Read through the Wizard and Cleric section of the forums.

[BONUS! 4) Don't insult posters trying to help you.]

If you do those three things, all of your questions will be answered.

03-04-2011, 08:59 AM
ok ty for the help!!! sorry if im sounding like a brat or something, lol cranky
so it looks like this WAS my wizard
8 strength
14 dex
16 con
18 intellect
8 wisdom
6 charisma

sounds better (the one below haha)
14 strength
8 dex
16 con
18 intellect
8 wisdom
this sounded better because i guess DEX is a useless stat at higher levels lol, and im thinking of going to make a human, i dont know if 2 points of con is worth not having another feat (human) what do you guys think?
still kinda confused on the whole what spell to pick though
haha ty stitch, so the list is of spells i SHOULD take because they are hard to find? or did i misinterpret that. i had a hard time finding stuff for wizard and cleric on forums but ill try

03-04-2011, 10:35 AM
- Schmooples on a candlestick, get more STR on your cleric. Noodle arms and full plate do not mix!

- Whether the extra feat is worth +2 CON (or +2 other applicable stat) is up to personal preference.

- The list Stitch sent is of scrolls that you can't just buy at vendors.

03-04-2011, 10:35 AM
you can buy most spells over the counter and learn them that way. so when you level up use the list of rare spells to select spells you wont be able to buy from a shop. for example at lvl1 you cant walk into a shop and buy master touch, yet master touch will be a very useful spell. so when your making your character be sure to choose masters touch. master touch is sold in a high level club for mages, but you wont be able to get there until its too late.

you might also want to think about a prestige enhancement. prestige enhancements are like a speciality, they give you some very nice bonuses if you meet the requirements. the wizard has 2 to choose from at the moment, the cleric only has 1.

for the wizard

for the cleric.

prestiges are not mandatory, but they do add so much power to your character thats its almost always a good idea to work towards one. take for example the radiant servant for the cleric, with it you get some effective area of effect healing at no spell point cost, and while your limited to a few uses per day, those uses regenerate once every 2 minutes. you get that ability long before you get the real mass healing spells, making it an almost no-brainer.

for the wizard both prestiges give you access to some very cheap spells. archmage does that directly with certain spells at a silly low spell point cost. the palemaster however only really kicks in at lvl12, at that point the pale master can then assume an undead form, can heal them selves with their own magic and can blast most monsters with special spells that cost hit points not spell points. those hitpoint spells are essentially free as you will have an aura running giving you a constant stream of healing.

both wizard prestige enhancements can make some very good casters, so it really is down to personal preference. read up on them and see which one sounds the most interesting to you.

i'd just like to add my own experience to the STR issue on your wizard. i have a dwarven pale master, he has 18 CON, 18 INT and 10 STR. he used a greataxe for his generic damage all the way to lvl12 when he swapped for the undead abilities. using an axe for most fights meant i could keep my spells in reserve for the boss fights, and burn them hard with all the metamagic feats turned on. i just hit lvl20 last night and he's been incredible fun to play. so, make sure you take at least 10 STR. your plan at the moment looks fine, 16 CON is very nice and 14 STR will make the low levels just fly by. it will seem odd at first being a devoted mage and running about with a greataxe, but just look on it as your dwarven upbringing showing through :)

03-04-2011, 06:13 PM
ok first, ty reaper that was a big help! im still trying to work around allllll of these game mechanics, lol this is way more compicated than WOW
but i guess what i wanna ask is if there are ALOT of good feats for a wizard, i heard you mention the metamagic feats, can you have more than 1 on at same time? like can i have the double damage one and the 50% increase on damage at same time?
because a little bit of HP doesnt seem like a advantage to having alot more damage, if a guy hits me im probaly gonna die anyway lol
and the prestige thingy looks complicated lol... im not understanding the archmage much at all, but the undead one looks straight foward to me
reaper, what is your wizards stats?
prestige talk, is archmage any good? i didnt get it...... this is probaly my last question lol sooo please help me out
and some wizard guides i could see?

03-05-2011, 12:15 AM
I haven't roll a high-level wizard yet, so I can't help much with the prestige enhancements.

Your build for the wiz looks ok, though I'd probably prefer a 10 Dex. Just a personal preference, and other more experienced folks might feel differently.

A few more things:
1. AC - AC only affects your chance to be hit, and doesn't reduce incoming damage. That would fall under Damage Reduction (DR) - that is granted by some items or specific feats (e.g. Barbarian class and Half-elves).

2. Metamagic - These feats affect your spells in terms of duration, damage, etc. But they will cost you more SP. You can have more than 1 metamagic on at one time, but remember that the more you turn on the higher the SP cost and the faster your SP will run out.

So you should consider when using them, especially at lower levels when your SP pool isn't that high.
1. Do you really need a Maximised Fireball to cast at an almost dead kobold ? (hint: you don't)
2. Do you really need an Extend Blur? (hint: yes, as Extend only adds 10 extra SP for double duration).

3. Spell selection - I'd say, it's NOT the end of the world if you pick spells that is not that useful to you, but it would make things more challenging and tedious when you start out. You can learn those spells later, but until then you're stuck with other spells you have learned.

I've mentioned some spells you could pick at character creation. By lvl 3 (i.e. when you the abililty to cast level 2 spells), you should be leaving Korthos and on the way to Harbour, so what you spells you select per/level is less important. Though again, it'll be helpful if you select spells at level-ups where the scrolls can't be bought easily in game.

Tip: You can scribe any level scrolls anytime (if you have the Intelligence for it, if I'm not mistaken). That means you can scribe a lvl 5 spell scroll even if your character is level 2. It just means you can't cast that spell until your character reaches level 9. So whenever you find an arcane spell scroll, scribe it! Then you will have more inventory space and it's easier for you to track which spells you have/don't have and which spells to select at level-up.

03-05-2011, 06:25 AM
my dorf is a 32 pointer, but its easy enough to convert to a 28 pointer:

str: 10
dex: 8
con: 18
int: 18
wis: 8
cha: 6 (10 for a 32 point build for UMD)

max ranks in concentration, balance, hide, move silent, spot, haggle (swap haggle for UMD on a 32 point build, then munch a +2 tome early on to start taking haggle)
start pumping points into jump at lvl8 when your INT has gone up enough for more skill points

1: toughness, extend
3: maximise
5: empower
6: mental toughness
9: spell pen
10: spell focus: necromancy
12: grt spell focus: necromancy
15: grt spell pen, heighten
18: spell foc: enchant
20: quicken

on lvl up pick ones of this list:


you can indeed have maximised and empowered turned on at the same time (or any other metamagics). they all raise the cost of the spell, so its a balance between nukage and making your SP last. with masters touch and a few buffs you can clear most of the dungeon with a greataxe, that then leaves your SP free to nuke the boss. its worth dropping a few webs here and there to control the monsters. you can also try charming a few, very effective when soloing but be mindful of your fellows when in a party. if you do charm be sure to un-charm your victims when the fight is done so the melee can mop up. you will find a dismiss charm feat in your character sheet for that.

during the early levels i focused on building a "normal" mage, so lots of nuking potential with the fire and ice enhancements and good use of crowd control spells, i didnt bother with pale master at lvl6. at level 12 i then flipped into being a pale master (well, lvl12.2 as you need those extra 2 action points to buy the lich form).

when you activate the undead form you become immune to all normal healing, which means you have to take care of your self. it can be a little scary but it works very well. i recommend you find a potency IV or nullification IV item to wear, that will mean your self healing is always boosted leaving you free to swap weapons about to get a boost to the spells you want to cast. you will only need that at lvl12, by then the IV spell boosting items should be cheap enough to afford off the auction house, use the search feature then list by buy out price to bag a bargain.

make sure you pick the death aura and negative energy burst spells as you level up. you cant buy those from the vendors. you wont need them until lvl12 so you dont need to get them asap, just keep them in mind. the aura is your main source of healing, it will keep you healed through most fights and also damage most monsters too, luckily it doesnt heal hostile undeads. the negative energy burst is your life saver, you'll need that when you bite off more than you can chew. that one however will heal hostile undead, but if you cant get out of range fast enough its better to heal them and save your self than to die trying to get away.

while your aura is running you'll probably find your at full HP almost all of the time, thats why you can afford to use some of your HP to cast the necrotic abilities. they do decent damage, better than you can with an axe and at lvl12 you'll have 2 to bounce between. i used those as my trash clearing spells, so i could save my real spells for when they would be the most useful (ie nuking boss's or clearing large fights fast).

one key thing about being a mage is not trying to cast a spell at every single mob you see, most of the time a good pack of melee's will mop up the trash easy enough. a bit of buffing (haste and rage then watch the melee's mop up) or crowd control (web) will work for most of the quest. you can then bring out the big guns when the going gets tough, one maximised, empowered and extended firewall should clear most tough fights, just make sure to cast it where the melee's end up fighting as many wont know to run into the fire and will waste your spell. when you do that you'll probably pull aggro, thats where speed (expiditious retreat and haste, they wont stack but when haste wears off you'll still have a decent pace), jump and blur/displacement (also dont stack, but displace wears off fast) come in handy (oh, and stoneskin is a brilliant defensive spell, but my dwarf was always too tight fisted to shell out for the components). either run round your firewall dragging the mobs through it, or jump over the mobs in your firewall. this is true of any caster with firewall, its a great spell but you have to live long enough for it to work :). it is a bit easier on a palemaster when you get your undead form, but its good practice on damage avoidance before that.

hmm, it think thats enough waffle for now, give us a shout if you have any more questions :)

03-05-2011, 08:19 AM
ok that helped ALOT thank you lol
but what about archmage? is it even worth considering? i still dont get it, it looks useless but i dont think im understanding what it does
and i saw reaperalex, you got toughness (normal one) is that helpful for a wizard? i was considering not bothering and just getting the metamagic ones and i take it extend is helpful toooo? i didnt see the big point of it, but on almost every build iv seen people include it lol

03-05-2011, 12:53 PM
the HP toughness is good on almost every build, as at end game you will get hit and you will get hit hard.

i like extend early on to turn those 1 minute buffs into 2 minute buffs. its also great with haste and other brilliant but short buffs

as for the archmage, i have no direct experience with it. to my understanding it gives you some very cheap spells (helps a LOT with making the spell pool last) and i think it increases your spells difficulty check, making them harder for the mobs to resist. all good stuff but the self healing is very attractive. still, both are good.

03-05-2011, 12:57 PM
well i was reading a page about it and it looks like (archmage im talking about) that you can memorize a spell and cast it for freeee, but is it only 1 spell? if so that kinda sucks... how many spells can you do that on

03-05-2011, 12:58 PM
and i wanted to make a fighter but i, again, dont know anything... so could someone show me a forum where i can read up on a fighters basics?

03-05-2011, 01:45 PM
Welcome Cheese to the wonderful world of wizardry!

Your first homework assignment: practice casting Burning Hands when you have a group of monsters. A good wizard can collect several monsters behind him and then turn and blast them all with a single spell.

Now of course at low levels you should be using a weapon most of the time and spending your mana on buffs, but you should practice offensive casting also to get a feel for it.

03-05-2011, 04:21 PM
i have another question, are there any enchantments that require a stat requirement? like 14 charisma to get a certain enchantment? or is it only feats that do

03-05-2011, 04:37 PM
i have another question, are there any enchantments that require a stat requirement? like 14 charisma to get a certain enchantment? or is it only feats that do

there are a few, like the paladin and clerics divine might. i dont think there are any for the wizard though.

best way to find that sort of info out is to take a browse about the wiki:


03-05-2011, 04:42 PM
Welcome Cheese, For my two cents and experience with Pale master and Archmage, Archmage is great in the fact that those free spells can save alot of sp, also allows you to take enhancments to increase the DC of your spells which become important later in the game. As for Pale master it allows you on a fleshie character to be mostly self healing and raise you DC specifically on necromancy spells. Which is better is mostly personal preference. MY preference is archmage on a warforged and Pale master on a fleshie. Archmage does allow for about 300-400 additional SP at endgame.

Here is a link to a very good Cleric build http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=230671

03-05-2011, 07:57 PM
ok ty blade
but no one answered this, can you "memorize" only 1 spell?? or can you get lots of them... because it doesnt save much mana if you get 1 spell for 1 mana

03-06-2011, 08:41 AM
archmage doesnt affect your normal spells. you just get some extra spells at a very cheap cost based on your specialisation. you'll still be a normal wizard will the choice of every spell in the game to play with. on top of that you will have a few spells you've taken special training in, allowing you to cast them for a very minimal cost.

take web as an example, you might want to cast web at almost every group of monsters in a quest to prevent them from hurting your team mates. naturally that will be a drain on your spell points, often a good use of them mind you, but a drain none the less. if you decide to specialise the archmage towards web you will be able to cast it for a few spell points instead of the full cost, which means you can spam it about as much as you like and still have tons of SP left over for other spells.

wizards have always had a hard time with their lower spell pool, both the archmage and the pale master have some nice cheap/free abilities they can use to stretch their spells further. for the archmage its real spells at a reduced cost. for the pale master its negative energy damage at a hit point cost.

also one main deviation from real DnD is both wizards and sorcs get spell points, each spell cost so many points and they are free to cast what ever they want from their list of known spells until their spell points have run out. eg its just like mana in diablo. in real DnD a wiz has to say "i'll have 3 magic missiles today and one mage armour".