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03-02-2011, 09:26 PM
Hey guys,

I've read through some posts and found that the following sums up what I've discovered so far.

"The builds that are excellent examples for this are:

- WF Wiz/Sorc 20
- WF FVS 20 for DR, other races for free capstone spell
- Cleric 20
- Cleric 18 / Monk 2 or Cleric 17 / Monk 3 or Cleric 17 / Monk 2 / Rogue 1
- WF Wiz 18 / Monk 2 or Wiz 18 /Rogue

All of the above also make very good group-chars.

Another type of solo build is the WF Battlemage.

Often seen as Wiz 17 Evasion 2 Fighter/barb/Pal 1 or Wiz 17/18 with 3/2 of barb/fig/pal, Sorc 18 Evasion 2, Sorc 18 pal 2 or sorc 16 pal 2 evasion2 ."

Since I'm a F2P player, all the WF recommendations are unavailable for me right now. I'm wondering if there are any build guides for the cleric or non-WF sorc/wiz builds that explain what levels to take what skills/feats/points in everything.

I'm also interested in any other thoughts you may have about what build could allow for mostly/entirely solo now while allowing for a powerful group character later when all the remaining content is too hard to solo. I plan to play about 2ish hours/day 4-5 days/week to begin. I don't care too much about easiness to learn...I can pick it up or ask questions. I'd really like some insight about planning out an entire build including when to do certain stuff (skills/attributes/etc.).

I'll keep searching on my own, but won't be able to really get into it for a few days. In general I think I tend to favor melee, but I'm really OK with whatever is considered the "best" if there is a clear consensus winner...or close enough to it. Hopefully I'll have some good suggestions here when I get back to point me in the best direction.


03-02-2011, 09:37 PM
As a F2P, not only are WF closed to you, but monks as well.

The remaining self healers are either clerics or wizards with the pale master enhancement.

Self healing for wizards only start at lvl 12.

All things considered, a cleric is probably your best bet.

You might want to note that with the introduction of hirelings, you can choose to not party and still have a healer-type follow you around.
This makes pure melees (eg. fighters, barbarians) more viable.

Welcome to DDO! =)

03-03-2011, 12:43 AM
Hi and welcome to DDO.

Actually cleric can be a bit hard for a new player since the role can often be very important in a group. I'm not saying you should not make a cleric....but there are other choices that might be easier for you early on.

Rangers for instance are quite good at many things. You might want to try a Dwarf ranger to start for instance (or an elf ranger even) as you will have quite good melee damage and fairly quickly get strong range damage as well. Rangers also can self heal some and use wands to heal others as needed (not a primary healer but nice secondary).

You also can cast resist spells on yourself and others and boost your AC a bit with barkskin...which will also help.

Rangers are excellent at TWF fighting, but early on I suggest you go with a nice two handed weapon. If you go elf you can boost your scimitar damage a bit more....and add in ram's might for some nice high damage attacks (your better off using Carnifex but the quest you get it in is not free).

Your first 12 levels as a ranger are pretty much cake even for a new player. With a 28 point build I'd suggest going with something like:

Str 16 (10)
Dex 16 (06)
Con 13 (08)
Int 08 (00)
Wis 12 (04)
Cha 08 (00)

Then put all level up stat points into strength (thats for an elf btw).

Cleric can work as well....but if your going to solo alot you'll need a good battle cleric...which is hard to do as a pure cleric without being a half-elf (due to weapon options for a cleric).

As a low level new character you really want to be able to pound stuff into the ground. Rangers have that ability both with ranged attacks and with melee attacks right out of the box. In addition you get favored enemies that boost damage more, some nice spells you can use and sprint boosts to get around faster.

Spellcasters for the most part universally are more difficult for a new character since they require specialized equipment and good knowledge of quests in many cases to solo them. Fighter types on the other hand can often go through a quest solo, even sometimes on hard or elite the first time without to much trouble or cost.

So yeah, ranger or to a lesser extent paladin are probably better options for now then a cleric. Paladins are a bit more defensive....can heal a bit more....but generally do slightly less damage then the ranger especially early on.

When you are dealing ONLY with low levels (say your first 12) multiclassing can also be a big help. Many........or maybe even most.....players and up ditching their first character (or sometimes characters) by level 12 or so especially when FTP......so I suggest choosing a build that really shines early on for now...and worrying about long term builds late game.

A pure ranger is pretty great early on...but multiclassing can add more options as well. Fighter levels for instance add instant feats, and at the second fighter level you get a +1 to strength. Fighter levels also give haste boost which is very nice.

4 Ranger levels and 2 fighter levels make a GREAT combo by level 6 (much better in many ways then 6 ranger levels alone. And grabbing 2 more ranger levels by 8 would give you manyshot and arcane archer if you want some serious ranged damage (well for that level).

Your first 2 monk levels also give you 2 more feats...and wisdom as AC along with some other nice bonuses. Monk levels also let you use handwraps for unarmed combat which gives a full strength bonus to both hands...and makes level 6 ranger even more yummy (instead of AA go with tempest and you'll have a 70% chance to land an offhand attack).

I'd say go with that for a first time character. Probably go ranger at first level, fighter for level 2 and 3 (+1 strength, haste boost, 2 feats etc), ranger up to 8 (fighter 2/ranger 6 all together) and finally monk at level 9 (just one is fine for now although 2 gives you evasion, +1 wisdom etc).

That setup will give you a TON of feats early on, +3 strength all the time (2 from ram's and 1 from fighter enhancement), self healing with wands, extra ac from wisdom and barkskin, fighter haste boost and a ton of other nice bonuses.

Another nice advantage is that by multiclassing like that you pretty much get a nice bonus EVERY level through 10. That is important when your still learning everything and leveling slowly. It takes me a night or 2 to reach level 10 with a new character max...but for a new player it can take weeks.

Starting as a ranger at 1 you get some nice bonuses right off the bat. Wand usage, bow strength etc.

Fighter at 2 gives you fighter haste boost and a bonus feat.

Fighter at 3 gives you another feat and +1 strength. You also get a normal feat.

Ranger at 4 gives you TWF and Rapid shot (TWF won't matter much for now. You also get +1 stat at this level.

Ranger 5 doesn't give much ...sad level...but no biggie.

Ranger at 6 gives you ram's might and another normal feat.

Ranger 7 gives you another favored enemy...but thats about it.

Ranger 8 gives you ITWF/Manyshot, ranger prestige class (AA or Tempest) and another stat point.

Monk 9 gives you wis to AC, monk stances, Monk bonus feat, normal bonus feat etc.

Monk 10 gives you evasion, +1 wisdom

From there you can either keep going with ranger, fighter or monk levels (best bet is probably fighter levels as it takes awhile to see a ton from ranger or monk levels...but 2 more fighter levels gives you +1 more feat and weapon specialization).

Anyway you might think of doing something like that for a first character...or just go pure ranger...it works pretty well :)

03-03-2011, 01:04 AM
I was going to say Ranger as well, but was thinking more along the lines of the Tempest Trapmonkey (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=277496), who is one of two 28-pt characters I'm leveling up right now. They're super fun to play -- twf melee who can open locks, find and disable traps, and whose spot always keeps you informed when there's trapmonkeying to be done -- and that link clearly outlines exactly how to build one.

My other character is a thf paladin, which I'm also giving the ability to open locks, though he won't be able to search, spot or find traps. The only remaining question I have is how much open lock does he really need, since I'm thinking it would be nice to have a decent concentration. (Junts guide to Paladins (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=218542).)

One thing I'll say about paladins, being immune to fear and disease is much cooler to me now than when leveling up my first character (who I only got to level 6) now that I'm leveling a character who isn't immune to fear and disease.

03-03-2011, 07:59 AM
The Warpriest in this thread (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=232660) is a new-player-friendly easy-to-solo-with cleric build.

03-03-2011, 08:06 AM
palladins have some nice self healing/ buffs too

03-03-2011, 08:11 AM
My first two characters were a Cleric based on tihocan's warpriest (see above) and an Elf Ranger, and both of them were pretty easy to solo with. As noted, being new to DDO and playing a cleric in groups can be a bit intimidating, but grouping can be quite fun if you're interested in meeting new players (hirelings don't talk much :p ). While you do occasionally get the random idiot, the VAST majority of players in the game make good company. In addition, Clerics are ALWAYS in demand, so you'll very seldom have trouble finding groups (and in fact usually you'll be getting constant blind party invites, which may or may not appeal to you)

03-03-2011, 09:47 AM
Apart from my Tempest build which EllisDee37 was kind enough to link (thanks! :D), I've got my own battle cleric builds too in my sig; I have both caster-focused and melee-focused options. They're really just slight variants on other BCs like tihocan's Warpriest or one of sirgog's (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=223253). Some of the advantages of being a BC are: great self-sufficiency, decent DPS, negligible tome & gear requirements. The disadvantage (if you want to call it that) is that groups expect you to be a healer first and foremost; if you're not good at being a party healer (or you don't enjoy it), you can expect to put up with a certain amount of grief and BC hate, unfortunately.

Another option is a THF paladin like Goldeneye's build (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=240780). Paladins get high saves (Divine Grace), fear & disease immunity (also available on items but great for a 1st-timer w/out twink gear), better self-healing than rangers (Lay on Hands), and some nice boosts to burst DPS (Smite Evil, Divine Might, etc.).

03-03-2011, 11:41 AM
I play mostly solo and just use a cheap cleric hireling for my healing (I'm a pure fighter). Just a couple plat for a low level one, throw in the potions you find and a couple healing items that you loot and you'll be good on healing at the lower levels. I like playing melee guys mostly, that's just always been my style. I'm still fairly low level so I'm not sure how viable a cleric hireling is at high levels.

If you're on Cannith and need a group for a quest look me up as Kharton.

03-03-2011, 12:35 PM
A human Wizard 20 specializing in the Palemaster Prestige is quite solo friendly while keeping all the perks that make arcanes desirable in parties.

Nice soloing, solid party contribution, quite easy to equip

The first few lvls will not be that easy, below lvl 5 you're essentially melee'ing with master touch, 5 to 7 you're still quite weak spell wise relying only on fireball as offensive casting; after 7 you pick up Firewall but you still lack self healing (worth to mention that low lvl contents can be healed by an hireling).

A sample build can be:
INT 18
CON 16
spread rest as it suits you among either STR(easier melee and harder to be incap) or CHA (umd)

Feat in no particular order:
SF: Necro
GSF: Necro
Insightfull reflexes
SF: enchant
GSF: enchant
Spell penetration
Greater spell penetration
I left out quicken as from my personal playstyle it's not needed for a PM but you can very well consider it instead of Graeter spell pen for example.

Pale master 3 and all its pre req + shroud of the lich, wraith is entirely optional
Wizard int 3
Full spec in fire/cold (dmg/crit/crit chance)
spell penetration 3 (if you took the second feat you can stop @2)
a couple of toughness
human int 1

03-04-2011, 06:05 PM
Hey guys,

Thanks for the replies so far.

I was hoping to save Ranger for when/if I unlock Drow.

I played a little NeverWinter back in the day...but I think that went up to level 40. My favorite character was a dex-based Rogue 26/CoT 10/Fighter 4 iirc. He had a crazy AC (was dual wielder, but could also switch to S&B if needed), nice saves, and UMD to help deal with casters (lots of reduce dmg items). The only thing about him I didn't like was that his to hit was too low to deal with anything with a super high AC...making killing a monk (or tough dragon) close to impossible...but same for the monk killing him.

I'm thinking the Battle Cleric is sounding pretty good from what you guys are saying. I'm sure I'd probably favor a melee one...at least that is as long as he can solo as well as or better than other builds mentioned. If I'm headed in the wrong direction, please let me know. I'm also partial to the multiclass options. I have a ton to read yet, but Cl17/Fi2/Rog1, Cl15/Pal4/Rog1, Cl17/Mnk2 (can't use monk yet though)/Rog1 (<--not sure if these are even viable...just made them up, using as examples) type builds would interest me.

I also don't want to be weak in duels if possible, but I would rather concede that and be an awesome/the best soloer for now and worry about a dueler later.

Thanks so far guys.