View Full Version : Sugg about the next new events for DDO dev.

02-28-2011, 08:55 AM
Hi all and greetz for all the work you are doing for making DDO the best mmorpg in the world.

Btw, I wish to give my 2 cent for the next time dev would create an event to prevent a few (by my and someone elses opinion) "mistakes", that could create a bit a devaluation of the game itself.

If Im welcome to suggest you a hint to create the next events, in terms of difficulty, I wish to invite you to think more similar to the Halloween Endless night Festival one, but let me explain better...

actually we think that this event is too easy for what we are use to in DDO.

Infact getting a Epic item in DDO you need: a scroll, a shard and a seal, a very hard drop chances normally you have to find what you need and you have to be lucky even to find the base for many items!
You have to farm istances for long, sometimes it takes months of full 6 hours play to get what you need... some guild mates has farmed what they needed for 1 year sometimes never founding... spectral gloves for example...
the best part is that when you find it (like me hehe) you scream of joy...

Nothing against an event that help you to get an Epic item more easily.. but...

I now will explain point by point, starting from the most important one, what I wish to say:

cit "I remember that for getting my epic wraps and cloak in Festival Endless Night I had to sweat a hundred shirts to get what I needed..."

when you get all your ingredients from the event, you shouldn't be able to create immediately
the item level 20 and Epic already like this, without the token, with a few reagents and like a first tarot version until t3 complete with the augment slot...

btw for example:
you create a lev 16 item with the +6 stat., normal not epic one...

taking the brawling gloves to t3 -> item level 16 -> you get +6 str, etc... then you upgrate lev 16 to t2-t3 later that adds sneak +4, spikes, glass strike... so on...

Now: if you wish to upgrade to level 20 epic you should give: your level 16 t3 item, 1000 dragonshard fragments etc AND <1 epic token>

cit "actually seems that you can get epic like if these are your pants, many of my guild do not recognize the fair strictness of what DDO offered always, defending his equity"

Epic items risk now to get a considerable unintended devaluation.

Another mistake I personally found is that copper doublons seems more important then golden or silver, infact I had to literally trash thousand golden and silver ones because I had my pokets full about these and no copper ones, it should not be this way by the law of market.

Gems are too often dropped from mobs, comparing to the rareness of the previous event and these gems gives you too high amounts of doublons in general.

If I wish to compare the 2 events and give some votes, I would say so:

Endless Night Festival
Fun: C
Fairness: A

Smuggler Rest Event
Fun: A
Fairness: C

Im up for
Fun: A and Fairness: A
for all next events...

what about you?