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02-23-2011, 11:24 AM
i am new to ddo, i have read some class guides ans i like battle-clerics but i see that everyone have one.
i like to be a hybrid between magic/melee
i want a solo class(i play 50% time solo so in this time i want good game play)
i like pvp but i do more pve
so is there any class like this (no battle-cleric)

*don't tell me to play easy classes i have good experience in mmorpgs

02-23-2011, 11:26 AM
as my sig and avatat might tell you i am biased but a meele bard rocks
or battle fvs :)

02-23-2011, 02:13 PM
well in general doing deep mix's of melee classes and caster classes tend to leave you with a half lvl caster come end game, and a half level melee come end game. and a half level character isnt very useful in end game.

so, you have to go about mixing melee with magic in a different way.

now, a LOT depends on what you want from the magic. its very easy to mix melee with buffing magic. its very hard to mix melee with offensive casting.

there are 3 easy ways to mix melee and magic and all have a different balance between the mix.

first is the bard, the class is made to mix melee and magic. however its hard to get an offensive casting bard thats also good in melee, and visa versa. they will however have a special song to hypnotise the mobs into standing still until attacked. this is called fascinate and will work on a melee focused bard too. perfect for soloing as groups tend to mess it up.

you've already found the battle cleric. this is another good mix thats built to work by design.

finally there is a pure wizard with the masters touch spell and several other buffs. i have recently taken a wizard up to lvl12 with a greataxe as my main weapon. at lvl12 i became a pale master capable of taking on an undead form then casting necromantic magic to self heal. since then i have put the axe aside for my spells and necromantic abilities. i have made no sacrifices on my character for the melee, so i have lost nothing come end game when it comes to being a pure caster. i have used my magic to allow me to easily melee early on while my spells mature. that character is now lvl18 (the cap is lvl20).

playing a caster is harder than playing a melee as you will be naturally less robust. you cant stand there and juggle your cooldowns as the monsters will beat you to a pulp. being able to stay highly mobile while your juggling the cooldowns and also aiming your spells well is what it takes, and many MMO's wont give you that experience. if you've played some FPS type games then you will have a distinct advantage.

oh and if you become a pale master you can go toe to toe with the mobs a bit more as you will have a healing over time spell that covers the average fight.

also a final word of warning, what works well early on in the game is no indication of what the end game will be like. even those with DnD experience, MMO experience and FPS experience are still not prepared to guess what end game will be like and thus are bound to make mistakes in their builds. i know because i have many gimps on my character select screen!

02-23-2011, 02:30 PM
Since the posts here already outlined classes you may be interested in (I personally prefer Bard or Ranger, preferably with a Rogue or Monk splash), I might as well add a few notes:

DDO is a teamplay-oriented game. Some quests require more than one player to attend, and there are only a handful of quests that are "solo-friendly". That is not to say that there aren't soloists who have completed the "unsoloable" (solo Xorian Cipher, raids, and epics come to mind) but they tend to be the exception, and the intention of most quests is that you complete them with a party. If you insist on soloing...

With the right resources and knowledge, any character--melee, magical, specialist--is capable of self-sufficiency, though some will have an easier time of it than others. However, soloing is as much player preparation as character build; even if we hand you the best build we have and you are following it faithfully, if you don't have the patience or the imagination to work your way out of problems that a party can just plow through with ease, you will find soloing time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive in the long run. Don't use Korthos as a baseline for solo capability--the mobs there are weaker than the ones you will encounter in the Harbor and onwards...especially onwards, where it gets brutal for soloists.

02-23-2011, 02:47 PM
Of all the builds (which are not BCs) I've used to solo, I like bards best: they get a good mix of melee DPS, buffs, heals, CC from songs, and class skills; you can even add trap skills with a rogue splash, though it takes some careful planning to make sure you have enough skill pts. Biggest drawback is they're squishy - only 6 HPs per lvl and no class Toughness enhs; I also wish they got energy resistance spells.

02-23-2011, 02:56 PM
Personally I can only think of 1 quest and one raid that "require" a party, the one quest in Necro 1 requires 2 people and 2 hirelings to stand on 4 pressure plates to open the gate, and Von5 or 6 that requires at least 3 or 4 people to open each side. That being said, most melee/caster type builds require a fair amount of hard to get items to function well, but a Favored soul/monk 18/2 is an easy to build and play with only a little grinding for gear, and you will always be able to group.

As I always recommend, download a character planner, and work it out ahead, most people who just wing it have gimped or unplayable characters that are resource drains on the whole party. DDO is much more complex than most mmo's as there are no "roles" that certain classes play, and the hidden mechanics can really bite you in the a$$, at high lvls (that's lvl 12+)

Note pure monks get lots of imunnities, and the ki strikes are kind of like spells, as are the finishers, the light monks get self healing, and the dark monks can debuff, and get a special killing blow latter on (monks can choose a path at lvl 3, light or dark). AND as an added bonus when you get to lvl 20 with a monk and True Reincarnate it than the past life feats can help with your dps on the FvS/Monk.

Good Luck

02-23-2011, 03:33 PM
Play a Paladin. Live Better.

(Someone should copyright that.)

Seriously, pally's are very solo friendly, tough as nails to kill, easy to self-heal, do great damage when played well, are pretty easy to equip and are welcomed in most parties.

That said, after close to two years on these forums, almost ALL new players posting here say they plan to solo alot, but most come around to party-oriented players by level 5. It's a very friendly and group-oriented game.


02-23-2011, 11:54 PM
I'd go bard because there freaking awesome.

02-24-2011, 09:08 AM
A fighter is a good class to use while you learn the game. Get a nice big 2 hander and go crush stuff. Avoid going sword and shield as your primary load out though, sword and board can be useful but takes planning and the right gear, and as a new player you will not have the gear (nor the cash to get it) for quite a while.

You can "solo" most of the quests in harbor, market and the houses with just a hireling cleric, and it goes pretty fast as well. But I suggest that you group up as much as possible. DDO is a team oriented game and you will miss out on a lot of fun if you always solo. Of course I am unfamiliar with your play schedule and time constraints so solo might be what you have to do in many situations, just try and join a group when you can.