View Full Version : Armor Kit Suggestions

02-22-2011, 12:44 PM
Why cant they be like the top hat or circlet in the DDO Store?

The Top Hat and Circlet "hide" any helmet and you just put them on and no matter what hat you are wearing they look like the Top Hat or circlet. The armor kits bind to ONE armor and that seems pretty expensive to have one for each type of armor you have.

Also why do the armor kits when put on female characters make them look ****ty?

Seriously, why would I want my fighter took like she was wearing a belly dancer outfit. She isnt running a prostitute home or working in one, she is a fighter. Why cant the kits when put on females add color and leafs and things without making them look like they should be standing on a street corner?

Why do the warforged armor kits make them look poofy?

Seriously these are huge animated creatures and the armor kits make them look like poofs. Ones that would run from a spider and be afraid of getting dirty. What is with the fluffs, lacey stuff and "scarve like" stuff on their kits?