View Full Version : Dragon Touched Consolidation

02-21-2011, 11:17 PM
The recent(ish) rework of the Dragon Touched crafting system was awesome. I really think the Dev's found a solution that truly made the system player friendly. That being said I do wish they'd address the redundancy (on the same tier) of some runes.

Striding 20% AND 25%
False Life, Improved AND Greater

Oddly enough, nothing in this tier fits my criteria

Greater Combustion VII and Superior Combustion VII
Glaciation VIII and Improved Glaciation VIII
Resonance VIII and Improved Resonance VIII
Devotion VIII, no Improved for this one but Potency VIII trumps it along with all the other plain Jaine VIII's.

I'd love to the the lesser versions removed from the tables. Especially at the Sovereign level which, IMO, is the least friendly to farm.