View Full Version : GM training on autotargetting

02-17-2011, 06:48 PM
It could be that my friend couldn't adequately communicate what his problem was through his in-game support ticket and this is why he was referred to technical support. I suggested that he describe his problem as accurately and thoroughly as possible and maybe he did not convey enough information.

His main toon was unable to have targettables appear in his focus orb without discretely mousing over them. I suggested he reset his UI to default and maybe that would fix it. It didn't. He received prompt attention from his ticket and was told he was supposed to mouseover things to be able to see them in the orb.

Today when fat-fingering my home row I hit 'g' and got, of course, "auto-target disabled". While I thought this certainly must be one of the option in the UI that you switch I suggested he try it anyway.

Problem solved.

He was contemplating rerolling his character based on the feedback from the GM. So, anyway, for that GM when you're pointed at something with autotarget enabled you...autotarget and do not need to roll your mouse over it.