View Full Version : DDO store: Armor kits

02-16-2011, 11:26 AM
Just a suggestion. Prob won't be received well by anyone but... I guess i just want to post.

Remove the armor kits from the DDO store. All of them. Add in a new 'armor' kit

What this kit does is 'destroy' any one random generated armor in the game, and create a 'armor kit: armor' which can be used on any armor in the game of the same type as you destroyed, giving the new armor the appearance of the old.

You can price them at 250-500 turbine points, and I am sure they would sell.

2nd suggestion is based on the understanding that any armor in the game has 3 distinct parts(Example being outfits having an underskin, then some scarfs and such, then a vest, each part randomly decided when said outfit spawns) - Let the other armor kit, able to use on anything, as the first suggestion, but only takes 1 of the 3 parts. You can then apply this to any armor of the same type u just destroyed.

(Not sure if my idea makes sense, but I am pretty sure people will understand what I'm trying to say)

And sorry if this isn't an idea anyone would want. (not that i make many suggestions :P)