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02-14-2011, 04:04 PM
I know some of the basics already, but it would help to go even further. I'd basically like a rundown of the skills.

Concentration: I'm pretty familiar with this already in that it's only use is for spellcasters, and does exactly what it says it does by preventing interrupts when hit. my only questions about it are: Do sorcerers still need it? they have faster cast times and If you plan to use the feat quicken, can you drop it or is it still necessary? (how about a sorc with quicken?)

Balance: For a long time I was a fan of maxing Balance on almost every chr... but then someone said that it actually doesn't prevent knockdown, only makes you get up faster. If that's true, then I love this skill a lot less. (though I still take it if I don't have other important skills to take.)

Bluff: This one I'm not quite sure on. I've heard that Diplomacy can be used instead and works better because it effects all the monsters, and Bluff only effects one. Because of that, I'm now confused as to what this does for aggro on you... increase it? decrease it? nothing? I have heard that it's also good for pulling monsters one at a time out of a group... which sounds like it increases the aggro, at least for that particular monster. If it decreases aggro even by just one monster at a time, I still like the idea of perhaps using it on a Cleric when diplomacy is on cool down, and also any rogues on the party would probably appreciate it but I really am not sure.

Diplomacy: I don't think I need any explanation for this, I have been using it and loving it on my casters. Though sometimes on things like a Rogue i'm not sure if I want aggro or not... I don't want to shed aggro only to have the casters take it, and I don't want to attract aggro when I rely on sneak attack damage. I assume that the rogue only joins the fray once the tank or whatever has aggro, but when a monster manages to slip behind him, or suddenly decides the rogue is more of a threat should I Diplo it? intim it when it somehow slipped behind to our casters? Bluff it? Blargh?

Intimidate: same as Diplomocy questions, I have been using it on my more beefy chrs of course. (loving it too.)

Disable/Open lock/Search: I don't think I need any explanations for these for the moment.

Haggle: same as above... I like this for a dump skill.

Hide/Move Silently: my only questions are what exactly breaks your sneaking, I have heard bard music doesn't. What about Charm? or even something like Cure Serious Wounds? (I imagine it breaks it, since I don't see any sneaky clerics.)

Jump: I have heard that you basically have 34 once you get Jump spell + Greater Heroism and that it caps at 40. That being said it sounds Like 8 is the perfect Number...

Swim: I think this is rather useless as there seem to be many ways to either increase your swim, or just water breathe.

Listen/Spot: I am not quite sure what for example Listen can do that spot can't and Vice Versa. I am also not sure if rogues need these skills since I think they are not dex based, which means that for a rogue, it's a little harder to get to higher numbers... and Search seems to be more efficient for spotting traps.

Perform: I don't really need an explanation I think.

Repair/Heal: Pretty much useless. I agree. though I think having at least one rank to stop people from bleeding out sounds nice.

UMD: Another Skill I don't think much explanation is needed. I know it's the best if you can get it up high enough. My aim is to hit at least 20, or I don't bother with it I think.

Tumble: I have heard varying arguments for this, only one rank seems to be the most common opinion. I have heard that at around 30 you start doing flips... if it's only for visual effect meh. One question I have about it though is does it make you tumble any further at higher ranks? I am also pretty sure that when falling it reduces your damage, is there a cap to this or If I theoretically raise it to some insane level could I fall off mount everest and take no damage?

thanks again.

02-14-2011, 05:55 PM
Here are the ones I know:

Balance - it is true that it only helps you stand up.

Bluff/diplomacy - Diplomacy (when successful) puts you at the bottom of a monster's aggro list. If you are the only one on that list, then you will still have aggro. It is an AoE ability. Bluff (when successful) allows you to get sneak attacks on a monster that is targeting you for a short period. I haven't tested but it feels like about 6 to 10 seconds. Bluff will also cause the monster to come towards you without alerting any other nearby monsters. I'm pretty sure that Bluff won't allow you to bypass fortification or immunities, but I think everything that's immune to sneak attack can't be bluffed anyway, so it would be hard to test. I don't know if it has any effect on aggro, but it stands to reason that it increases it.

I wouldn't worry too much about managing other peoples' aggro as a rogue, plus if you do inadvertently put it on someone you don't want it to be your sneak attack will let you get it back if necessary.

The thing with Jump is you're not always going to have someone around who can cast it. I even grouped with a Wizard the other day who didn't have it prepared, which obviously is the exception but still. It is a Strength skill so you'll have a good base, but if you have skill points to burn there are worse things to spend them on.

Swim also makes you swim faster in addition to holding your breath longer, which can be really handy if you need to Swim (or fly) quickly for Quest Objective X.

You cannot spot traps with Search, only with Spot. Search is only what reveals a trap box (or door), Spot is the skill that tells you when you are near a box or trap (or door). If you have full skill points in it and the appropriate item you will Spot alright even with 8 Wisdom, but a +whatever item wouldn't hurt.

Repair/heal - you are much better off carrying a clicky with Cure Light Wounds or Aid (or wand). You need to have Heal/Repair kits to use the skills, plus they take time, plus you have to be at touch range. Clickies are just better all the way around.

02-15-2011, 01:33 PM
Jump: I have heard that you basically have 34 once you get Jump spell + Greater Heroism and that it caps at 40. That being said it sounds Like 8 is the perfect Number...
How much to invest in Jump really depends on your Str. You can reasonably assume you will get a Jump & GH clicky at L20, that's +34 indeed.