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02-14-2011, 07:23 AM
As we all know DM takes feats to use (3 feats to get full line) it is expensive, and powers granted often don't compensate used feats.
First not many characters can allow for full DM line without gimping themsleves too much (Fighters are the best for it, as they get tones of additional feats).
Second Powers are like spells, usually 1 wizard or cleric can do it detter than you will.

My first sugestion is:
decreasing Action points for additional Tiers. Ok you can buy Tier 1 (1AP), and tier 2 (2AP), but tier 3 and 4 are very problematic to fit for any character.

My second sugestion is make DM something usefull and exclusive (not availble via normal spells):
(something like DM of finding (treasure finding and locate objects) but accualy useful).

DM of makeing (overal not usefull, You just get repair spells that can youse on fellow WF):
- least - 1min / lv.; Bonuss +1 for weapon modifier (weapon +5 changes into weapon +6) for weapon in target's main hand.
- lesser -High Dmg to constructs. On failed Fort save it immobilize construct for 1 second per level.
- greater - Augumenting construct. For shot perioid of time (1 or 2 seconds per level) target construt gain +4 to all stats, and stacking 5% to atack speed. And regen 10 Dmg per 2 seconds.

DM of passage: (nothing special)
- least - Expedious retreat 30seconds/lv for every party member in radious.
- lesser -
- greater - greater teleport with bigger choise of destinations. You can also buy binding stone (exclusive) and when you use it in specific location you can teleport to that location leater. Also you can use it to summon all your party members to your current location (this option can be used once per 15 minutes).

DM of Finding: (interesting but not worth)
- least - 12 sec/lv; break any nearby brakable object unless it is healt hazard breakable. All money that would land on ground is automaticaly added to your money.
- lesser -
- greater - Increase level of chosen chest by 2 lv (1 lv if it "make" it save).

DM of sentinel: (kidna nice one)
- least - 12 sec / lv; Self only; barksin, shield of faith, night shield, shield. (at level 20 barkskin and shield of faith provide 6 armor bonuss).
- lesser - 1 min / lv; Target gets 50% protection form non magical missles; this effect stack with other effects.
- greater - 1 min / lv; Mass resistance from chosen element.

DM of Warding: (realy weak one)
- least - wall of sonic; 1 dmg / lv every 2 seconds; 30 seconds duration; on failed save enemy gets dazed for 6 seconds or to moment when he get hit.
- lesser - 1 sec / lv; AOE; all creatures in field cannot cast spells unless they make will save; even succesfull will save reduce efectivnes of spells by 50% (don't work on red/ purpule named)
- greater - 2 sec / lv; AOE; all creatures in field recive DR 20/-; if creature make will save every attack roll DR lowers to 10/-; don't work on red / purpule named.

DM of Shadows: (good one)
- least - mirror image; creates 4 images that can get hit instead of you (80%; 75%; 66%; 50% conceal - max 4 hits)
- lesser - 6 seconds / lv; Invisibility that don't end when you attack.
- greater - 3 seconds / lv; Mass; Provide 10% incorporality

DM of Storm:
- least - Unbalances enemy (-2 Attack; -2 AC); if enemy fail save he is tripped.
- lesser - 2 seconds/ lv; whole instance is covered by fog (20% cover for party)
- greater - 3 seconds / lv; Enemies in area get 50% miss chance when they are useing ranged weapon (don't stack with sentinel); every 2 seconds enemies have to make save or will be tripped.

DM of healing: (nice one)
- least - heals 1 point of dmg per level.
- lesser - Removes poison, disease, blindness, fatigue; heals 1 point of dmg per level.
- greater - heals main target 5 points per level; heal every ally in small AoE for 2 points per level. Remove curses, flesh to stone effect, confusion, insainty etc.