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02-06-2011, 06:29 AM

I've played DDO before but I didn't get the knack for it (highest char was level 4). But I'm looking for a game to play with my gf and we decided to give this a try. I'm looking for a combination of chars that can do almost all of the hidden areas.
I was thinking to go with a paladin because I can stay in front of her and even be able to heal her if things get rough (and they will :) ).
Are there tips for a duo?
edit: we're still waiting for her account. It seems that I get an error #FTx every time I try to create one and the only way around this is to raise a ticket to support. I gotta say that this isn't encouraging, but we're not giving up that easily.

02-06-2011, 07:33 AM
You didn't mention if either account is VIP. I only ask to assess access to races,
classes, and 32-point builds. You also didn't mention if you want to keep things
simple, just to be able to play (which I'd actually recommend), or if you'll only be
happy with a fairly sophisticated build.

Anyway, the simple approach would be one high-DPS character, like a straight
Fighter or Barbarian, and then a Cleric. If you have access to Half-Elf, I'd make
the Cleric a half-elf with Fighter Dilletante for access to a wider variety of weapons.

The next step would be to have something like a Tempest Ranger(18)/Rogue(2) for
the DPS plus trap handling. This is a more complicated build, and requires quite a
bit of gear, but it opens up a lot of opportunities.

So, let us know how to narrow down what you're looking for...

02-06-2011, 07:52 AM
when it comes to the trap work something similar to the exploiter can work a charm. the exploiter is a lvl18 tempest ranger with 1 rogue and 1 monk (often switched for fighter for FTP accounts). this mixes the ability to do traps with a lot of melee prowess which will be important for a small team. pure rogues can have fantastic melee prowess, but only if the mobs arnt attacking them. as you're a duo i expect you will want a more healing focused 2nd character which wont be able to keep the mobs on them enough for a pure rogue to mop up.

speaking if the 2nd character, a pure cleric would be good with a focus on offensive casting. clerics have some nice crowd control spells and later on a SP efficient killing spell (blade barrier) and some insta kill spells. early on they can melee with a small investment in STR. make sure you take the radiant servant prestige enhancement for the free healing abilities.

for ease of learning look up some builds on the forum and follow those

02-06-2011, 08:20 AM
Hello Stefan,

me and my bf playing DDO too and we were questing together with several duos. Our first was his pale master (wizard) and my arcane archer (ranger). They were a good team and only feared some traps on elite. Then we had barbarian/bard and rogue, worked well, too. Then we started rogue/ranger and cleric.

So, what I like to say is, when you both are a good team, you should able to play any duo. But it makes quests easier, when you have some Levels of rogue with you.
Having someone in your party, who can deal with traps, really helps a lot.

LG Yeza

btw, seeing your name, are you german?

02-06-2011, 02:10 PM
I tried the following combos (wife likes to play a nuking magic-user so I made her a Sorc). These were my opinions, your mileage may vary.

1. Sorc / Battle-cleric
- Melee DPS insufficient. Too mana-dependent overall at low levels (buffs don't last long enough). We like to take the time to explore stuff, get all optionals, and chat and fool around while playing so buffs and mana run out all the time.

At that point we realized that hirelings typically come fully-charged with lots of mana pots and they will drink them like sodas. In other words, they're way better healers than the players. So we started both packing cleric hirelings, and put both their Divine Vitalities on the Sorc, essentially doubling her mileage.

2. Sorc / Barbarian
- Solid DPS but could not open locks or evade traps. Dying to traps got old pretty quick.
3. Sorc / Dwarf Tempest+rogue
- Don't know how I messed up the build but it just wasn't working.
4. Sorc / Human Tempest 18 Rogue 1 Fighter 1
- Solid sustainable DPS with dual Khopeshes (tempest). Solid burst DPS (sorc). All traps, all locks. Decent CC from Sorc. Ranger can cast various buffs. Ranger can wand whip (or, eventually, UMD heal scrolls) if cleric hirelings get taken out. Both toons have excellent ranged capability.

Yes, I rerolled at least 4 times while she kept playing the same character. ;)

02-06-2011, 02:46 PM

First let me thank you for your kind answers.
At the moment I'm looking only at F2P options because she may or may not get into it. I don't want to spend cash on it if we're not going to play it later on.
A ranger 18, 1 rogue, 1 fighter also attracted my interest, but if ArgentMage has some more complex builds that won't hurt at all. I'm an experienced gamer, but with only somewhat decent skills at D&D. We just bought the starter set, but we haven't given it a go yet. Next week for sure :).

For her I'm looking in the direction of a cleric to get a taste of the game or a paladin, something from the recommended build for new players. I'll let you know here how we do, but we haven't started playing yet because her account has not been created yet. She's a novice gamer so we did try LOTRO today. We had a blast, but it felt to me that the cooperative playing wasn't as much emphasized as it is in DDO.

By the way Yeza, my name is Romanian. I do wish I'd learn german. Always wanted to, but I think I'll do like Mark Twain suggested and I'll learn it in the afterlife (that's what was invented for, right? :) ).