View Full Version : An Idea from the MMO Rift

01-31-2011, 05:51 PM
So I did some of the beta testing for the game Rift. It has a lot of ideas that I like...some of which it stole from other games. One of them that could be utilized is the way players join parties in some common areas. In the game Rift rifts or portals randomly appear and mobs flow out. As you approach a rift to fight the mobs and close the portal an icon appears asking you if you want to join the party which consists of everyone else in that area. It's like joining a raid on the fly or in progress. You don't have to join it though but there is really no reason not to join. These little encounters yield lots of XP and loot. It seemed to me that if you killed an enemy while in the raid it would ask you if you wanted it or if you wanted it to go up for roll.

DDO could utilize this form of party forming for special events (special events that could also give XP) or as a feature for huge wilderness areas.