View Full Version : Unique Character Key

01-14-2011, 11:47 PM
I'm a VIP player who is about to transition to premium for a while. I hope to go back to VIP eventually, but in the mean time, I'd be be happy if there was was a cheaper way to unlock the specific characters that I've created.

My proposal is the Unique Character Key.

This would be an option presented in the DDO store only to players with locked characters who would like to play the specific characters that they've leveled up while being VIP.

I have a half-elf character that I don't think I'll unlock for 1195 TP.

However, if I could play that character (not unlocking the race as a whole) for 495 TP, I'd do it.

Crunch the numbers, talk about it.

I don't think this option should be presented for characters under level 4 (veteran status).

Hope the comment is productive.