View Full Version : Give us the ability to create mini-scripts for hotkeys

01-12-2011, 07:19 PM
I say this because it would actually make things a lot easier and cut down on the excessive amounts of hotkeys players need while also simplifying things.

For example...

/equip Stunning Warhammer:RH
/feat Stunning Blow
/wait 1
/equip Pick:RH

What this would have done was equip a Warhammer to the right hand so as to deliver Stunning Blow, and then automatically equip a pick to the right hand.

Or, it could be used for this purpose.

/equip Armor
/equip Helmet
/equip Ring1:R1
/equip Ring2:R2
/equip Belt
/equip Boots

Or something like that - a complete equipment change to fit a situation without having to place every single piece of equipment on your hotkeys.

Now, you don't need to make EVERYTHING scriptable. Certainly the standard left click attack wouldn't need to be scriptable. But it could be good for regulating equipment, speeding up the process, and maybe even making some spellcasting jobs easier

What we wouldn't need are things like if-then-else commands, as it just gets too botty then.