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01-12-2011, 07:01 AM
For those who run epics and those who solo farm for scrolls we are all aware of the rarity of scrolls. To be perfectly honest I am more than ok with scrolls being difficult to get because excluding a few desert scrolls if you simply grind for more cash to buy Devil or red scales you can eventually trade for any scroll. That being said The drop rate is a bit too low. This is a way to fairly improve them and cause groups to actually want to, disable traps, kill mobs, find hidden doors, and so on is to change the drop rate from static to dynamic.

Currently the drop rate is ~1% (According to everyone else it seems) So I propose a new system which would increase the drop rate for good groups. My system is pretty simple, you take the exp bonus you would receive from the quest divide by 10 and that is the scroll drop rate for any mob at that time. Someone dies? -1% scroll drop rate. Alternatively as this is a direct drop rate increase (as the devs want to avoid that) divide by 20, it would be reasonably possible to reach a 2% drop rate and also possible to drop to .5%.

This method is intended to encourage group play and if the number chosen is 20% = 1% scroll drop it reduces the benefit of solo farming by half if most players reach 2% scroll drop rates in groups. Groups will also move and kill faster than many solo farmers thereby reducing the solo grind and encouraging group play.

01-12-2011, 09:23 AM
It's rare for a reason.


01-12-2011, 10:40 AM
I understand they are rare for a reason, I have several epic items and understand the grind required to get them is needed absolutely required to prevent them from becoming greensteel where everyone is expected to have them at some point. That said my point doesn't increase the shard or seal drop rate and the number of people who "Just need the scroll to craft" should go down. This would help normalize the prices on some items which are currently not traded almost at all due to the drop rates being so low and one dropping only every 2000-3000 kills (or 60000+ in desert). My Suggestion actually does not affect the total drop rate for most groups, and reduces the desire to solo farm.

Have you ever actually looked at the exp log in epics? You kill enough to hit 10% more which would make it 150% of the current drop rate however of 100 mobs you would only get that 50% increase on a small number of them. Basically it makes it so that the farther in the quest you get with full bonuses the more likely for a scroll. Overall i would estimate my suggestion in almost all quests would only increase the scroll availability by 20-25% and the "Bonus drop" would only be available to either the methodical or those with good gear and play skill. While I concede that the %/20 one is "fairer" and what I would really like to see the scroll drop rate should be higher for a group (it should not be six times the solo drop rate) it should stay roughly the same for soloers and help groups get scrolls.

At the moment good scrolls simply cost too much for anyone who doesn't have either multiple toons farming shroud/evon6/ect or solo farming epics for scrolls. The problem is that when so many items are worth 1.5, 2, 5 times max plat (Yes I realize plat is largely worthless but it still gets devil scales and FRD's) that everyone is basically required to have a divine or caster mindlessly soloing for hours leaving, shrining and restarting in 5, if they want a scroll.