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01-10-2011, 11:16 AM
In my adventuring of eberron I thought I would at least see a giant squid or sea serpent. I thought when I was in three barrel cove I would come across a lurking shark in the water to come up in surprise me, but no such thing. Sharks and pirates go together quite well. When you are out swimming no need to get that oh **** ! or scarry feeling of a shark that happens to lurk in the distance as you are swimming in the water, or you see a fin in the distance that would give you shivers and you think do I swim to the treasure with infested sharks or do I get the hek outta there. What also of giant gars or even giant sharks also. I know its probably a whole new set of programming rules you might have to put into place for underwater fighting, but I am sure you can make a seperate underwater campaign with a whole bunch of underwater caverns and water adventures or just attach some parts to other adventures ect. I hope we see something in the future that would produce good results on this topic. Or how about this an adventure that takes place on a huge mighty war vessel of th seas, A lot of things happen in and around this vessel while adventuring, even giant squid tentacles wrap around the vessel to bring her down, solve a mystery on ship and search for hidden doors or comparments, enter a diminsion door of time and go into the future where the ship rests on the bottom and is now haunted ect. If DDO addded these it would just make the realm more awsome. GOOD ADVENTURING TO ALL.

03-04-2011, 05:13 PM
I would love this implementation, so long as they don't try to do this with the utter failure that was water combat. You can't swing a sword or cast a spell while swimming; rule should be you either snipe it from dry land or try to swim past it. Hell, this could give some purpose to the swim skill, faster swim speed would actually mean something and maybe a few other useful benefits could be coded in as well (replace dex bonus to AC with some fraction of swim skill, for example). If there were going to be long adventures like this, they would need to fix underwater combat first (like maybe being able to actually swim around instead of a low grav situation?).
Probably not going to happen though.

03-04-2011, 05:17 PM
There's some fishies if your graphics are set high enough, but it would be nice to see more aquatic life even if it is just eye candy.