View Full Version : Fix quest listings

01-08-2011, 02:27 PM
There are a couple quests that, I believe, are effected by a bug. Before this previous update, The Keeper's Sanctuary was available to be recieved by the NPC who gives out the quest, for F2P players. The quest was however party of an adventure pack. Since that was fixed, I believe 2 other quests/NPCs should be changed as well.

1) Invaders Tokens / Phinnian Barkbow - You can currently talk to this NPC well before you're able to do the "Invaders!" quest. On the Harbor map, there in fact is a golden goblet for him, letting you know that he will bestoy a quest. This should be changed, and he should act as Guard Branson does, before your level is high enough to do the quest.

Doing this would greatly decrease the confusion from low level questers in the Harbor.

2) Hiding in Plain Sight - While this is in fact a F2P quest, it is also a prerequisite for a quest only available in an adventure pack. Because of that, in the LFM, it shows up with the "Buy It Now" image to F2P players. This is clearly a bug, and should be fixed.

It's hard for F2P players to get groups together for this quest using the LFM section, unless they leave the quest entry blank, and only use the Comment box.