View Full Version : Let us name Bound-&-Attuned items and customize their icons

01-08-2011, 02:01 PM
So I have some random gear with really nice effects on them, that I bound to my character using the Stone of Change and added some Eldricth Rituals to them as well. It'd be nice if I could give them custom names.

say I had a Metalline Greatsword of Pure Good that I named "Demoncleaver" or a Banishing Maul that I called "The Hammer Fist of [my paladin's name]" or some such.

It won't really matter if those custom names don't show up in the Examine panel when I link the item in chat (although it would be nice if they did, maybe as "[character name]'s [custom item name]") as long as I can search for the items using those custom names.

Even better, just let us choose custom icons for each Bound-&-Attuned item as well. you know, the ones with icons identical to 10 other weapons with the Risian Icy Burst applied on em? yeah. Thank you.