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01-08-2011, 08:57 AM
Stealth, as it stands, is useful only in very few situations, and is largely rendered obsolete with a simple invisibility clickie in many places. I feel that people who enjoy a subtler playstyle could benefit greatly from some optional additions.
I envision a costly but potent enhancement line available to classes with stealth skills as class skills, or those with the 'stealthy' feat. The latter is in place to allow people with splashes to take advantage of this line provided they do not mind taking an otherwise largely wasted feat.

Improved Stealth I - 2 AP - Minimum level 4 (beyond that of most splashes)
You do not leave stealth when using levers, doors or other objects. However, nearby enemies make a spot/listen check with significant bonuses (scale with creature/dungeon level/hit die/cr?) agaist your hide/move silently, which take penalties relating to how many enemies are in the vicinity. Enemies who win one of two rolls become suspicious and explore the area. Enemies who make both rolls become instantly alerted to your presence.

Improved Stealth II - 4 AP - Minimum level 8
While in stealth, your Trip gains a bonus to DC equal to half your level against targets who are not focused on you. Using Trip still forces you to leave stealth. The penalty to skills when using objects near multiple enemies is sizably reduced.

Improved Stealth III - 6 AP - Minimum level 12
You move 30% faster while sneaking. Stacks with the equivalent rogue and ninja spy enhancements. You may now 'feign death' once per rest, convincing enemies you are no longer a threat. You may now loot chests and retain stealth as though they were other activatible items (normal enemy checks still apply).
- Feign death: Once per rest, you adopt a pitiful death pose. Enemies in combat immediately swap to another target. When alone, enemies remain suspicious for a further period, and make periodical (every 2 seconds?) spot/listen rolls with significant bonuses against your hide/move silently, which take penalties for the number of enemies in the vicinity. An enemy that succeeds both checks is alerted of your deception. Succeeding only one will extend the enemy's visit for an additional spot/listen check. After three unsuccessful checks, enemies lose all interest, and you are free to get up into stealth.

Improved Sap - Active - 2 AP - Requires Improved Stealth III, Sap
Unaware target creature is sapped and also rendered helpless for one minute (twice the duration of a sap from stealth). This is not an autocrit effect, and the creature can still move if woken, but can take no actions.
In this manner a trained character can effectively kill any alone creature without risk if caught unaware. Does not force you to leave stealth.

While the effects seem in some cases rather powerful, full use will require heavy investment in hide/move silently, and cost a significant amount of AP without a great deal of return in traditional groups. Rogues, with the ability to create traps and distractions, will still be the most competant sneakers - reaching 80% of full speed when sneaking with Improved Stealth III and Faster Sneaking IV.
The line is available only to rangers, bards, monks and rogues, or people with the stealthy feat who would also require splashes in these classes to gain enough skill to actually use it.

01-08-2011, 11:44 AM
/signed sure why not? i like the way you committed to an idea and thought it through even thou it will never be done, also consider pickpocketing as an addition for stealth type play.