View Full Version : Regular vs Epic: global or specific changes

01-06-2011, 04:37 PM
I've been reading lots of thread where the discussion about changes doesn't seem to work across low level to high level or it doesn't work from the regular game (norm, hard, elite) to epic.

My thought on this is that the regular game is the game. So issues that affect the regular game could drive changes to the overall mechanics.

Epic is sort of an add on for those that like it. Epic was not supposed to affect the regular game and many of the mods to make epic "harder" have sort of broken things. If you fix epic with changes to the game mechanics, the regular game gets more bent. So, to fix epic, fix just epic. Don't change overall game mechanics. This could be add on or rules that apply only when in epic, but that won't mess up the regular game.

The end goal, I'm hoping, would be able to make characters that are effective the whole way. That strategies (plural) would be used throughout the game. Epic could become a more challenging version of the game, instead of a more boring part of the game, while still maintaining the excellent core game.


P.S. This was inspired in part by the current AC threads where the discussion was showing that a mechanics change that work in regular don't work in epic. Also, in part from the discussions of immunites.