View Full Version : How to fix random loot min level

01-04-2011, 02:27 AM
Current system illogical.

two skills = twice the min level of a single skill, but the item less useful than carrying two separate items with 2x the bonus.

Enhancement that makes an item less useful....rational system?

the fix - adders add, a +5 sword with a damage bonus adds to min level.

A skill item with a different skill of a lower level adds +0 to the min level - the item is only as useful as the prime bonus. Two equal bonus adds +2 to min level. So a +10 bluff item is level 9, a +10 bluff and +10 diplomacy item is level 11.

Same with stat bonus - same rules as skills, exception being no equal level bonus to stats as that mimics or crosses over into raid items. but there is no logical reason a +6 level 13 item cannot at level 19 have another +4 or +5 to a second stat.

Raid items follow no min level logical system, and say the Ring of Lies has 4 skills and 1 stat, but is still mid level instead of level 45 or whatever it would be as a random drop.

This change would make the random system more logical.