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01-02-2011, 01:14 PM
In doing research for gear for my hagglebard (so that she will be at least marginally useful at cap) I came across this description of the TOD set:

Spell Singer (Brd)

Shiona's Pendant - Necklace: Superior Potency VI, Wizardry VI [A New Invasion]
Shiona's Seal - Ring: Charisma +6, Exceptional Dexterity +1, Incredible Potential
Set Bonus: 2 additional Bard songs per rest

Please change the Spellsinger ring to have exceptional +1 charisma instead of +1 dexterity. Why does a Spellsinger need dexterity?

Epic gear has superseded the usefulness of the +6 charisma on the ring. The only reason to use it is the set bonus, which is pathetic compared to the other bard sets, particularly the warchanter set. However, using it for an exceptional +1 stat and an exceptional +2 stat would be useful again if the +1 stat was charisma.

Not only would this be useful to spellsingers, it may make the ring more popular among some cleric and fvs or even paladin builds as well.

I would love to see a re-evaluation of the bard sets for update 9, with some advantages for spellsingers to use their own set instead of the typical spellsinger-using-a-warchanter-set that we see now. Perhaps add Anthem if at least 18 levels of bard and the spellsinger PrE? But I would be happy with just +1 charisma rather than dexterity!

Thank you for reading and considering. :)

01-02-2011, 01:27 PM
I think a few of the ToD sets need a revision. It seems there are only a few that the melee's want and only a few that the caster types would like and the caster types all depends upon your primary stat which seem to have a different exceptional stat from what your primary is. A lot of them just seem like filler.

I've looked at those sets and what you posted about the spellsinger set is a bit perplexing with the exceptional DEX and I find it rather silly that DEX would be the exceptional stat. Lets face it, the exceptional DEX would only work for a very few niche spellsinger builds where the exceptional CHA would work for a wider variety of spellsingers.

01-07-2011, 04:57 AM
Yeah it really makes no sense for the spellsinger set to have dexterity at all. Plus the virtuoso has dexterity as well, which suits a twf perhaps... so that niche item is covered there.