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12-30-2010, 10:33 PM
To start this we need Arlos to be a boss. Now for the 2nd part we need Coyle now he also needs to be a boss but this one is for long over due pay back. We need a laser :) It has to be in water works o yea epic no less :). The whole plot is we take some things from other quest put them into one raid. I mean things that just got you mad for one reason or anther and have a little payback. No rhyme or reason for it. Merge what u can and lets make a fun raid. Maybe we can even get some messed up named loot in there like the club of npc smashing...

12-30-2010, 11:59 PM
If this is a joke, it's pretty funny. :D

If it's serious, Christmas Ninja likes the idea, but he also thinks that it will never happen even if every single person on DDO agrees. It sounds like hilarious fun but come on, really? Lasers? The odds of that happening are the same odds of Dispel realizing pvp is not serial business.

12-31-2010, 12:13 AM
and for the older players I also want goodblades in there so I can kill him as well.

12-31-2010, 12:17 AM
here is my thought

when you enter the dungeon ,you see a door. a woman is standing at it she says 'who in khyber are you"(completely ignoring the fact you may not be in khyber)
you reply with appopriate answer. you ask what she wants and she tells you that a certain a devil informant as told her that arlos is being kept in an ancient prison used to keep creatures from different planes but the problem is all the defenses of the prison has been taken over and you need to go through it to find and rescue arlos. once you get though all this you have to summon and kill the gatekeeper by stepping on certain runes and fighting what the runes spawn until the gatekeeper arrives then ofcourse kill him ( if anyone steps off the runes, the whole thing resets ). once u kill the gatekeeper you teleported into a dark room where someone has to carry a sceptre which will be the only source of light and find a certain devic called a chronoscope which can transport you back in time, for the actual task. arlos was the only one who can control the time traveling device but unfortunately while you were teleported arlos fell unconscious and you have to travel into his mind and rescue from all his inner pleasures and the quori. once this is done and arlos tries to operate the chronoscope but he discovered someoen changed how to control it. he realizes it is his friend haywire who was killed a long time ago by one of his golems but you can find the controls to the chronoscope buy using the eye of the golemn that killed him and to see some its visions. when you finally manage this and dsicover how to control the chronoscope you are taken back in time to stop a lich form reaching deity status and summoning a draconic army. unfortunately this causes his mothers anger to "know no bounds." she tries to kill you but you can get some nice crystal left over from the ritual which you can break and causes her to get stunnned. killing the mother though causes some people in other places to get ****ed in shavarath. they start an invasion and blow up the market place so we decided to also invade shavarath in return... (can somone take it from here please?)

12-31-2010, 01:22 AM
How about a raid where you are tasked with saving a bunch of halflings and innocent townsfolk from religious fundamentalists, but once you enter the dungeon you start slaughtering everyone in sight?

12-31-2010, 01:55 AM
We need a Golem and Ooze boss.

12-31-2010, 04:02 AM
Sadly, I believe this may turn insanity into reason but here it goes:

This Raid would end up being the last quest in a pack that would go into the plain of Xoriat or a continuation of the Dreaming Dark kind of nightmare and dream themes. The raid itself would be simular to "I Dream of Jeets" in you have a center room that has different portals to the different sections of the raid.

Part 1: Korthos

Imagine, Heaton, "Oh, no the Sahuagin have found me!" instead of helping him survive you are the attacker and have to fight him and his warforged friend. You beat him down but before the final blow is struck you see him run into a portal that leads to Misery's Peak. Your job now is to follow him and defeat what creatures of maddness he throws into your way until you get to the crystal. At the crystal, you have to fight the dragon that you set free from the mindflayer's control from what seems like a lifetime ago. One the dragon is slain, a portal opens up into the next section.

Part 2: Harbor/Waterworks

Yark, Yark, you seem to find the tables turned on you as everyone seems to think you are the kolbold now! Survive the onslaught of adventurers ending with the final fight with Arlos. This would be like Kolbold Assault or Gladwatch just scaled to challenge a raid group instead of the low level adventurers that it was originally intended for.

Part 3: [Depending on Level of Raid]

Depending on if this would be a high level raid (18-20) or what level range you would want to go with depends on what iconic adventure would be transformed.

Part 4: [Depending on Level of Raid]

Part 5: Fighting the figure behind the mask.

This raid would end back where it all began, in the center room as you fight the creator of this madness.

I'm not familiar with the Planes of Ebberon so what I'm saying might not fit thematically but tell me what you all think and what quest/raids you would like to see get transformed by the madness.

12-31-2010, 04:55 AM
and make it so you get greater grease wider aoe in the raid and explosives:)

12-31-2010, 05:32 AM
It woud have to have Burgandy Tyr in it for all the junk loot he has given us. Dirk just for being a stupid drunk and trying to get you killed. I'm sure there are many more NPC's I would like to kill just can't think of their names right now. I think this could be fun and could be called Revenge for all the stupid things some of the NPC's do or want done.